Work Has Started on the Beachside Wharf Project

Work Has Started on the Beachside Wharf Project


Beachside Town Council lobbied for Government funds for years to help with repairs to the decrepit wharf in their community. A sign warning of safety issues had been put there over 15 years ago. The wharf was in slow decline after that and this fall the section closest to shore collapsed.

Beachside wharf before demolition. Photo taken in September 2017

A cheer went up in front of that wharf on September 23, 2017. MHA Brian Warr and MP Scott Simms were there that day to announce $500, 000 in funding for the Beachside wharf repair project.

The collapsed section being demolished. [Photo credit: Tonya Pelley]

New cribbing started  [Photo credit: Tonya Pelley]

It didn’t take long for work to kick in. On October 30th, demolition of the collapsed section of the wharf started. That section will be replaced. The new cribbing is under construction.

In a short time the dilapidated wharf in Beachside, that was in terrible shape for years, will be in use by local fishermen.

And the work of Beachside’s Town Council to get their wharf is a lesson to the rest of us: Never give up.

[Top photo credit: Tonya Pelley]