Where The Icebergs At? | June 5th-6th

2017 is the Year of Ice, Baby

Where The Icebergs At? | June 5th-6th

It is no secret that there is plenty of ice in Green Bay right now. It means headaches for fishermen and heaven for iceberg hunters. And it is heating up local debate on climate change.

Love the bergs and pans or hate the bergs and pans. They are here. We might as well shoot them… with cameras!

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The photo at the top is of an iceberg spotted in Beachside’s Backcove on June 6th. Backcove is an area must-see. If you are unfamiliar with Beachside, to get to Backcove turn left at the bay in Beachside and drive up the main road. You should see signage for Backcove Rd after that. [Google Maps/Street View] The cliffs there are simply stunners, and you can access the beach there by way of some very nice and sturdy new stairs.

backcove beachside nl june 2017
A view of Backcove from the stairs, on June 6th. The cliffs there are really something to see!   [Photo credit and thanks to Tonya Pelley]

Iceberg hunting on Monday, June 5th, in the drizzle, turned up a few bergs in the Nicky’s Nose/Jackson’s Cove area. They may have shifted a little since, but it may be worth a look.

Well, SOMEONE has a pretty cool view. At Langdon’s Cove, June 5th. [Green Bay Feed photo]

On June 5th there was an iceberg at Nicky’s Nose Cove, which is most likely the same one that can be seen next door at Langdon’s Cove. (Shown above) There was also a lot of ice in the area. [Area on Google Maps]

There is also a berg in the distance at Jackson’s Cove. It did shift a bit since this photo was taken on June 5th.

Iceberg at Jackson’s Cove NL, June 2017   [Green Bay Feed photo]

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