Very Wet January Days for Green Bay

Very Wet January Days for Green Bay

Luckily Green Bay fared better today than the Western part of the island, where multiple communities declared a State of Emergency. The heavy rain and snow melt also meant multiple washouts on the TCH: just west of Hampden Junction and at Little Rapids.

A video of some of the West Coast flooding:

An advisory was issued for drivers on the Baie Verte Peninsula:

For many people in Green Bay South, part of today was spent without electricity. NL Hydro reported a power outage affected customers in a wide part of this area: Springdale Junction, ‘Hydro Rd’, Burnt Berry, West Pond, South Brook, Roberts Arm and Pilley’s Island. The power went out about mid-morning and was restored early in the afternoon.

road to king's point nl january 13 2018
Route 391, just outside of King’s Point , on January 13

No major washouts have been reported so far in Green Bay, even though many brooks and streams have swollen with run off.

A brook just outside King’s Point, pictured above, rose to about a foot from the level of the road. A significant amount of excess water also branched off and ran parallel to the road.

rattling brook falls nl january 13 2018
Rattling Brook Falls, January 13, 2018

Rattling Brook Falls put off quite the brown-water show today, a show we can probably expect to continue for the next few days.

[Top photo is Main Street, Springdale — January 13, 2018]