Web Found | Triton House Move!

Web Found | Triton House Move!

One of Dennis Smeaton’s videos found online is a pretty fun 15 minute video of a house being moved down the main street of Triton on a very rainy and muddy day in 1991.

Even if you are not from Triton and recognize no one in the video, you will get a kick of out watching a house getting moved. It’s not the kind of thing that happens every day. And it’s always fascinating to watch folks doing a heavy job when they know what they are at.

Initially you’ll find the video has a stark contrast: very pleasant upbeat music versus men shouting and hurrying to safely move a whole house over wet roads, and around a bend. We can assume all traffic is blocked and there is no time to waste. And the house has an ‘L’ shape, making it look at one point like it is stuck on a turn.

Then at about the five minute mark, a fellow breaks the tension with a wave and some fine quality ham for the camera. There are plenty of smiles in this video.

There is also log lifting, hard hats, onlookers, bulldozers, clear camaraderie and 80s hair. Grab yourself a cup of tea and click this image below to go to the video, on Youtube.

*Keep an eye out at the 11:23 minute mark for the fellow who is under the house.

dennis smeaton house move screen shot 2
Click/tap the image above to watch Dennis’ video on Youtube