Web Found | Dulcie!

Web Found | Dulcie!

A good many folks around Green Bay are aware of the CBC NL Land & Sea episode on Rattlings Brook’s Dulcie Toms and her store.

At nearly the very end of Rattling Brook there is an old fashioned general store, Joshua Toms & Sons. The store has changed very little in 50 years. It gives visitors a fairly accurate idea of what stores in rural Newfoundland and Labrador used to be like back in the days of “wrapping cheese in brown paper”.

In 2012 the CBC’s Land & Sea did an episode on the store and the lady who runs it, Dulcie Toms. You can watch the episode on CBC’s web player. In it you will meet a few locals and see details in the store, like the old food weigh scales and the wood stove.

*Trigger Warning: If you are from Newfoundland and Labrador, and you are aged 35+, this Land & Sea episode is going to make you yearn for the “good ‘ol days”.

Click/tap image to open CBC web player in a new browser tab:

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