Web Found | The Bird’s Eye View of Rattling Brook Falls

Web Found | The Bird’s Eye View of Rattling Brook Falls

As many of you out there know, Rattling Brook Falls is a remarkable 800ft tall waterfalls, just outside the community of Rattling Brook. Is is an absolute Green Bay must-see. If you have yet to see it, this summer you must grab your friend, gas up your Pinto and head there. Take a camera.

In the meantime, while you wait for the snow to melt, here are two video finds of Rattling Brook Falls. Both are taken from an angle that will be hard for you to experience any time of year: up above.

These videos are made by gentlemen who know their way around a lens: Draper Hollett and Geoffrey Prouse.

1. The first video of Rattling Brook Falls is from Geoffrey. This short 2.40 minute drone-captured video has toe-tapping music and steady shots. It starts at the road and heads in over the brook to the falls. Click the image below to watch Geoffrey Prouse’s video on Youtube. (If you are afraid of heights you may wish to hold your chair.)

Click the image above to watch Geoffrey Prouse’s drone captured video of Rattling Brook Falls, in Youtube in a new browser tab

2. The second video comes from Draper Hollett. This 4.05 minute video was clearly shot after snow melt or rain – the water is running well. The video starts from very near the road and moves in slowly to the falls. In this video, Draper takes his drone to the top of the falls and pans around to get a view of the bay as well. Click the image below to watch Draper Hollett’s video on Youtube.

Click the image above to watch Draper Hollett’s drone captured video of Rattling Brook Falls, on YOUTUBE in a new browser tab