Read | Ern Yates, King’s Point Farmer

Read | Ern Yates, King’s Point Farmer

A snapshot of 1950s farming in Green Bay was found on the web by way of a short two-page article titled “Pioneer Farmer of King’s Point” in a June 1954 issue of the magazine, Atlantic Guardian. The article was written on the farming success of W.E. Yates, who was a full time commercial farmer in King’s Point in the 1950s.

The article goes into detail about the crops W.E. Yates was farming at the time.

W.E. (‘Ern’) Yates, who according to the article, moved to King’s Point from Wild Bight when he was a boy. Ern Yates not only successfully grew a sizable amount of crop with his son, Cal, he cleared his farm land without the use of heavy machinery, impressively pulling each tree stump off with his horse.

The Atlantic Guardian article is a glowing one, which is understandable given the great amount of work that obviously went into farming at the time. The article states Mr. Yates grew up to between “seven and eight hundred barrels” of potatoes annually.

Find the the issue of Atlantic Guardian here. The article on Walter Yates is on page 7 of the PDF. There are a couple of black and white photos, one of those presumably is of Walter Yates himself.

Atlantic Guardian was a popular magazine published in St. John’s from 1945-1957.

Atlantic Guardian can be found online at Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Digital Archives Initiative.