Vulcan Stakes Little Bay, “Samples High-Grade Copper”

Vulcan Stakes Little Bay, “Samples High-Grade Copper”

Vulcan Minerals, out of St. John’s, NL, recently announced it acquired the Little Bay copper-gold property, by staking. The Little Bay ‘property’ is made up of 95 claims over 2,400 hectares. The property includes the past-producing Little Bay and Sleepy Hollow mines.

Vulcan states it is:

“currently compiling an extensive digital dataset including mining and production models, exploratory drilling, surficial sampling and geophysical surveys. This will be the first fully digital dataset … which will facilitate a better understanding of the widespread mineralization on the property. Historical activity generally focused on mine workings with relatively little local exploration.”

The Little Bay mine was operating in the 1960s, until 1968 when the collapse of a main pillar forced a closure. Vulcan Minerals points out, in its March 2nd news release, that “remaining copper resources, if any, at both mines, has not yet been determined.”

The company says it intends to determine the copper that may remain, and to evaluate the potential for extensions.  Vulcan geologists visited Little Bay, and four samples from Little Bay Mine dump material were assayed  as “high-grade copper” content, up to 20.9%.

The company added it is “in the process of compiling all available information towards designing a 2017 exploration program to evaluate the Little Bay property.”

Vulcan Minerals President Patrick Laracy noted, in the March 2 news release:

“The Little Bay project is a natural extension of our Colchester Copper-gold project as they occur in similar geology and represent a growing presence for Vulcan on the Springdale peninsula. This will result in definite cost and execution efficiencies for future exploration. This area has a rich mining history.”

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