Triton NL’s New RV Park Is Next to a Pool and It’s Genius

This Is Green Bay's Tourism 'Idea of the Year'

Triton NL’s New RV Park Is Next to a Pool and It’s Genius

Quietly, gradually, tourism and recreation infrastructure is being built up across Green Bay. It is wonderful to see, and some of the ideas are really smart.

Triton now has a little RV park next to its public swimming pool. Anyone with kids travelling in a RV is going to love this spot in summer. AND the entrance to the Maple Ridge hiking trail is on site, as well as a boat launch/floating dock.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the skate park that’s also there? Now we know for sure where the RVs with kids are going to stop in 2018. And this will make for a sweet overnight stop for Green Bay locals as well.

The photos below were taken on Thursday, September 7th, 2017. The nice-looking swimming pool, although closed for the season, was full of water and torturously tempting on that hot day.

The site is located on route 380, on the road to Brighton. [ On Google Maps ] It is right next to the road and impossible to miss. The swimming pool and skate park are on the left. Entrance to the trail, and the RV lots are at the back of the parking lot. The marina/floating docks are to the right, out of the frame of the photo above.

[ There is no check in/office on site to be seen. Contact the Town of Triton if you want more information. ]

The site is open-concept. Those renting RV lots might very well be able to watch their kids swimming, right from the lots.

The RV lots were installed this year, 2017. The photo immediately above looks toward the floating docks area. The road to Brighton is in the background.

The photo above looks across the RV lots to the gazebo and trail entrance.

The entrance to the Maple Ridge Walking Trail is in the back left corner of the parking lot. This 3 km trail takes hikers up to higher elevations for great views of the area. It’s a lovely trail that is worth repeat visits.


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