Rattling Brook NL

Rattling Brook NL

Rattling Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, with a mountain range on one side and Green Bay’s Southwest Arm on the other, is one of the prettiest places around. Nearly everyone has an unobstructed view of the bay, caplin roll up on the beach in summer and a 800ft waterfalls marks the entrance.

There is spring water available next to the community hall. It is popular with locals but, as it is untreated, it is “drink at your own risk“. The water runs seasonally, from spring thaw to November/December freeze.

A new hiking trail, the Caribou Hiking Trail was opened in Fall, 2016.

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Population: 90 (StatCan 2016)
Type of Local Governance: Local Service District

Location: Routes 390-391
Lat./Long.: 49° 37′ 35″ N, 56° 10′ 5″ W, (Decimal) 49.6263889, -56.1680555


  • Community Hall
  • Ocean View United Church


  • 800ft Rattling Brook Falls — 15 minute walk to its base (has stairs)
  • Caribou Hiking Trail (At the very END of Rattling Brook. Follow the ATV trail.)
  • Small picnic area at beginning of community
  • Possibility of eagle, whale, seal or iceberg sightings
  • ‘Dulcie’s Store’, am old fashioned Newfoundland shop, now more of a museum. It seems to constantly delight visitors by helping them ‘step back in time’.

Cell Service: No

Rattling Brook phone numbers are found under King’s Point in the phone book

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