Little Bay NL

Little Bay NL

Little Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, has an extremely rich history, although you would hardly know it when entering the community. The site of a past mine, Little Bay was once one of the most important mining towns in Central Newfoundland and it boomed with workers, miners, ships and hundreds of people. By 1891 it had a population of 2116, multiple merchants and four teachers. Nine years later the mine was closed and the population plummeted. Mining got a another “kick at the can” there in the mid-twentieth century but, besides the black and white photos held in the fire hall, there are few hints now to its very bustling copper-mining past.

Like many of Green Bay’s smaller communities, Little Bay has no shops or gas stations. Residents presumably get what they need in Springdale, about a 15 minute drive away. There is no church. (There is a Pentecostal church in nearby Beachside and a United Church in nearby St. Patrick’s.) Children are bused to school in Springdale.

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Type of Local Governance: Town
Little Bay Town Council: 709 267 3200 (Office is not open daily)

Population: 105 (StatCan 2016)

Location: Routes 390-392
Lat/Long: 49° 35′ 57″ N, 55° 57′ 7″ W, Decimal: 49.5992389, -55.9518361

Fire Hall/Town Office (In same building)
Canada Post Outlet
Recurrent Dart Tournaments

Cell Service? No, but half way up the hill to Beachside there is a spot of weak reception

Commonly Found Family Names
Bouzanne, Simms

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