Little Bay Islands NL

A Quiet and Tranquil Newfoundland Outport Community

Little Bay Islands NL

Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador, is a quiet and laid-back outport community of less than 100 people. The community spans a series of small islands and is reachable by ferry from Pilley’s Island.

Other communities in Green Bay have small populations, but Little Bay Islands is different. In summer its quiet is broken only by seagulls, an occasional vehicle and the laughter of visitors. The water in the bay seems clearer. The pace seems slower. There is almost a sense of peace in the air.

Little Bay Islands is a special place.

But Little Bay Islands has most often been in the news in the last decade because of the question there of resettlement/relocation. Economic and population decline has led some residents to prefer to move out of the town. The move would be funded by government and, step by step, the community has been quietly inching closer to that big change.

Except for Aunt Edna’s B & B, there are no businesses in Little Bay Islands of any kind. If the resettlement does take place sometime in the future, anyone who remains in Little Bay Islands will also have no services such as sewage, electricity or a ferry.

The volume of material to be found online regarding Little Bay Islands is remarkable: home videos, tourist videos, news, slide shows, and music pieces. It is Green Bay’s most remote settlement, but online it has huge presence and reach for its small size. There has been an enormous amount of news coverage on Little Bay Islands’ situation, from local CBC coverage (quite a bit) to even Al Jazeera, and even a 15 minute documentary. (See below for more hyperlinks)

community of little bay islands located on a map of newfoundland

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Type of Local Governance: Town

Population: 71 (StatCan 2016)
Location: Route 380, plus a ferry from Pilley’s Island
Lat/Long: 49° 38′ 40″ N, 55° 47′ 51″ W (Decimal) 49.6443361, -55.7974221

Multiple hiking and walking trails that crisscross the area (Photos on Facebook)
Natural scenic beauty and photo opportunities

Little Bay Islands, as seen from the hill high above the community. This lookout is easily accessible from a 10 minute walking trail

Town Council
Volunteer Fire Department
Salvation Army
Small Children’s Playground
Canada Post Outlet

Cell Service: Spotty

Little Bay Islands on the Web

Articles/Pieces on Proposed Little Bay Islands Residents Relocation

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Little Bay Islands

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