King’s Point NL

King’s Point NL

King’s Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, is one of the bigger Green Bay communities and is becoming a tourist destination due to its location and amount of amenities for its size. Tour buses are a common sight in summer months, and hikers from many different countries head up the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail (Trip Advisor link).  The 800ft Rattling Brook Falls nearby also is a draw.

community of kings point nl located on a map of green bay newfoundland The town grew to almost 1000 people at its peak but now has about 600. King’s Point is holding fast in an era of rural NL decline and still has a number of conveniences and services, as well as a school and a post office.

Bully’s Cove, once a separate community, is now part of King’s Point. ‘The Cove’ lies at the end of King’s Point and has a very enviable view straight out Southwest Arm. (Bully’s Cove on Google Street View)

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Bully’s Cove

King’s Point NL Population: 659 (2016 census)


Location: Routes 390-391 Southwest Arm, Green Bay
Lat./Long.: (DMS) 49° 34′ 51″ N, 56° 10′ 43″ W  (Decimal) 49.5808333, -56.1786111



  • RV Park
  • K-12 School (Valmont Academy)
  • Joint Volunteer Fire Department with Rattling Brook
  • Fire Hall
  • Canada Post Outlet
  • Heritage Committee
  • Tilley Memorial Public Library (Has public internet access)
  • Events Building at Entrance of Alexander Murray Hiking Trail (Has a picnic area)
  • King of Kings Pentecostal Church
  • Salvation Army Church
  • Boat Launch on Bayside Drive, Public Dock
  • Softball Field
  • Picnic Tables on Bayside Drive
  • Children’s Playground
  • Outdoor (And Uncovered) Ball Hockey Area
  • Women’s Institute

Cell Service: No

Commonly Found Family Names
Burt, Budgell, Rideout, Matthews, Bowers, Janes, Newbury

Town Council Contact:
Town Clerk: E. Marie Cumming
T: (709) 268-3838
Email: [email protected]

King’s Point on the Web

Bayside Drive
Bayside Drive, King’s Point

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King’s Point

Rattling Brook
Jackson’s Cove-Langdon’s Cove-Silverdale (& Nicky’s Nose Cove)
Harry’s Harbour
St. Patrick’s
Coffee Cove
Little Bay
Little Bay Islands

South Brook
Robert’s Arm
Pilley’s Island
Lushes Bight-Beaumont-Beaumont North (Long Island)
Port Anson
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