Jackson’s Cove-Langdon’s Cove-Silverdale (& Nickey’s Nose Cove) NL

Jackson’s Cove-Langdon’s Cove-Silverdale (& Nickey’s Nose Cove) NL

Talk to any of the majority of Green Bay North locals and they will refer to the communities of Jackson’s Cove, Langdon’s Cove, Silverdale and Nickey’s Nose Cove separately. These lovely little Newfoundland and Labrador rural communities now seem to be under a common governance.

Silverdale is the first you enter, and was known as Bear Cove until 1921. It sits in a sheltered cove of Western Arm, has low rolling hills and many large green gardens.


Jackson’s Cove sits around a pleasant semi-circular cove. Its church is quite old (by Canadian standards). It will turn 100 in 2018 and makes a wonderful addition to photos of the community. The view from Jackson’s Cove looks out onto Green Bay itself.  Jackson’s Cove still has a small number of ‘salt-box’ styled houses which are lovely to see.

Jackson's Cove Newfoundland
Jackson’s Cove

Langdon’s Cove is quiet and much smaller than Jackson’s Cove. There aren’t many houses but there is a great side road that will get you pretty close to Green Bay for a pretty impressive view.

Langdon's Cove
Langdon’s Cove

Nickey’s Nose Cove is named for a point of land that can be seen, Nickey’s Nose Point or “Nick’s Nose” as it is sometimes fondly called. This settlement’s claim to fame is its long pebbly beach that sees caplin roll up on in summer. The beach makes for some superior beach pebble combing and the sunsets there are great.

Nicky's Nose Cove. with 'Nick's Nose' in the distance
Nicky’s Nose Cove. with ‘Nick’s Nose’ in the distance

Like many rural Newfoundland and Labrador communities, this area has seen a decline in population over the last few decades. Now there is no longer any stores in Jackson’s Cove-Langdon’s Cove-Silverdale. Presumably, gas and groceries are bought in Springdale or in nearby King’s Point.

a map of green bay nl showing the locations of silverdale jacksons cove langdons cove nickys nose cove

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Location: Routes 390-391
Lat/Long: (DMS) 49° 41′ 11″ N, 55° 59′ 34″ W Decimal: 49.6863889, -55.9927778

Type of local Governance: Local Service District

Population:  129 (StatCan, 2016)

Jackson’s Cove United Church

Nicky’s Nose Cove beach ~ lovely for pebble hunting, and caplin roll up there in summer
Ocean View Walking Trail, Jackson’s Cove
Jackson’s Cove United Church (Although entering the church is probably not possible)

Small firehall

Cell Service: No

Jackson’s Cove-Langdon’s Cove-Silverdale & Nickey’s Nose Cove phone numbers are found under Harry’s Harbour in the phone book

Common Family Names Knight, Batstone, Budgell

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