It’s Time to ‘Have a Time’ on Long Island NL!

Long Island Would Like to Meet You

It’s Time to ‘Have a Time’ on Long Island NL!

If you’re looking for a way to have one last bit of summer fun, this is for you!  The Long Island Heritage Society is extending a warm invitation to all of Green Bay to go pay their island a visit.

They suggest you celebrate Labor Day weekend 2017 there (Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 2 & 3). How sweet is that?!

A day-trip complete with a 5-minute ferry ‘cruise’ right before school starts sounds like a pretty good idea.

And the ‘welcome mat’ will be rolled out:

The Tea Room will have a BBQ.

There will be a yard sale.

The Heritage Museum will be open.

The Heritage Church will be open to the public.

And, as always, there is a walking trail to take in!

On the ferry, moving into the dock at Pilley’s Island (July, 2017). A ferry ride on Labour Day weekend will probably be a bit of fun 🙂

See below for more details! You could also visit the Long Island website to learn more about the island before your visit.

The following was released by event organizers:


The Long Island Heritage Society invites you to celebrate Labor Day weekend – Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 2nd. and 3rd, at our Heritage Site on beautiful Long Island

Events & Activities

* Yard Sale (Heritage Fund raiser to help with cost of rebuilding the traditional wharf on site).
Wide variety of household items, electronics, baked goods, jams, jellies, pickles, books …

* Tea Room BBQ – steak, pork chops, moose burgers, hot dogs, salads, and fries

* Hike our scenic Beothuck Trail and enjoy spectacular views!

* Visit our Heritage Museum and Craft shop (wheelchair accessible)

* Visit our unique Heritage United Church – open to the public.

Visitors from away can stay overnight at one of three tourist homes on the island.

For more information, call Marilyn at 264 3153 (cell 699 1607)
or Roxanne at Tea Room 264 3104 (home 264 3301)


The ferry leaves from Pilley’s island. (Location on Google Maps, although Google has got the route wrong. The shorter dotted line is the Long Island route.) The ferry trip distance is so short to Long Island that you can see details of the L.I. dock from the Pilley’s dock!

Find ferry schedule here.

[Top image is a screen capture from the Long Island Website. Check out the photos there!]