The Hazelnut Hiking Trail at Roberts Arm NL is Pretty Nice!

Varied elevations, great views and interesting sites

The Hazelnut Hiking Trail at Roberts Arm NL is Pretty Nice!

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July 15, 2017 ~ The ‘Hazelnut Hiking & Adventure Trail’ is located at Roberts Arm, Newfoundland and Labrador. (Route 380) It runs along famed Crescent Lake, a lake known for water sports, fishing and a history of both logging and mining.  (The lake is also thought by some to have a serpent-like creature living in its depths! Read about the creature on Roberts Arm’s website.)

The Hazelnut is a trail that gives you hiking options. You can choose to walk a lower elevation 4.5 km loop or cross a bridge to have an extended hike to the higher 428 ft elevation of Hazelnut Hill.

roberts arm newfoundland hazelnut trail map


The map above is located at the main entrance to the trail. You can enter the trail system from several points. But this entrance, located right next to route 380, may provide you the best start.

You can see in the photo how the first part of the trail forms a loop. The dotted line at the bottom represents an RV Park. To complete the short loop portion of the Hazelnut Trail, you’ll end up strolling through the RV Park.

For this purpose of this article, only the lower loop was walked. The trail carries on via a beautiful bridge across a narrows in the lake. (A black fish is next to the bridge on the map above.)

The ‘Short Loop’ of the Hazelnut Adventure Trail, At a Glance

About 4.5 kms
Some steps
Beach access
Historic (capped) mine
Rest areas & picnic sites
Very scenic bridge (Worth the walk in itself)

Hazelnut Entrance Located on Google Map

Full map of Hazelnut Hiking Trail on Town of Roberts Arm website

entrance hazel nut hiking trail roberts arm newfoundland
The entrance to the Hazelnut Hiking Trail

The terrain on the much of the short loop is far from challenging. There are some stairs, but no great amount. If you are looking for somewhere to stroll a bit with little kids, this is your trail. There is an area marked for fishing. There is also some interpretation signage, to provide you some insight into local history.

Some of that history is evident in the site of a past copper mine, located right on the trail. There isn’t much to see there now — just a sign and a cement platform which is presumably sealing the entrance. What might lay underneath, however, is intriguing. The mine operated from 1879 to 1881 and again from 1924 – 1926. At one point a tramway even ran from the location to Roberts Arm.

hazel nut hiking trail roberts arm newfoundland
Much of the terrain on the ‘short loop’ of the Hazelnut Trail at Roberts Arm would be rated easy, and is flat or has very low hills.


crossing rv park roberts arm trail newfoundland
Why did the hiker cross the RV park road? To continue on the trail, of course! The hiking trail meets up with the RV park road. You can cross it directly to carry on the trail, or you could go left and walk through the park itself for a while before meeting up with the trail again.

crescent lake hazel nut trail roberts arm newfoundland
A short, and well marked, side path will take you out to the water’s edge and a peaceful pebbled beach.

The whole loop was extremely easy to follow, and is well-maintained with no fallen trees or obstacles. It is wide enough in spots to walk side by side. It is very suitable for families and has a couple of outhouses. As already written, there are some sets of stairs on the loop but no great number.

On the other side of the bridge, however, there is reportedly a good workout waiting for you on a large number of steps. If you do cross the bridge to head up and have a dog with you, be sure to keep your dog on a leash. This summer (2017) a dog had to be rope-rescued off a cliff in this area by firefighters.

If the lower portion of the trail is any indication, however, heading up the stairs to the top must also be pretty nice.

bridge hazel nut trail roberts arm newfoundland
The STAR OF THE SHOW: the George Baker Bridge, officially opened in 2001. A more attractive bridge would be hard to find in Green Bay!

woods hazel nut trail roberts arm newfoundland
On the way back from the bridge to the parking lot, the sun streamed through the trees.

Roberts Arm, with a population somewhere around 800 people, has pretty much everything a traveller would need. And there is a heritage museum, Hewlett House, at one of the other entrances of the hiking trail (at the RV park entrance). Be sure to stop at ‘Cressie’, a road-side serpent attraction all ready for your photos.

See photos of the trail in winter, on

Get more details on the Hazelnut Trail on the Roberts Arm website