The ‘Happiest’ Little Diner & NEW RV Park, at Burnt Berry in Central NL

There Have Been Some Pretty Big Changes at This Local Landmark

The ‘Happiest’ Little Diner & NEW RV Park, at Burnt Berry in Central NL

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It may look pretty much the same from the outside as it has for years, but there have been a lot of pretty big changes at ‘Burnt Berry’ Motel in Central Newfoundland.

Local landmark ‘Burnt Berry’, with its restaurant and bar, has been a familiar part of Green Bay for decades. It is a good guess most people from Green Bay have been inside Burnt Berry at least once.

But have you been there lately?

Boy, are you in for a treat!

Friendly folks Dave and Liz Pelley took over Burnt Berry Resort three years ago. Since that time they have been busy making improvements, plans for good things yet to come and have even added a new fully-serviced RV park.

First: Meet the Classic Diner

classic diner at burnt berry motel

The bar has been moved and downsized, and the restaurant has been completely transformed in Burnt Berry Motel. The restaurant is now the Classic Diner, and classic it is! The decor will take you down memory lane… and it will really make you crave a Coke.

Liz has placed her huge Coca-Cola memorabilia collection in the diner, plus some more vintage items. You’ll absolutely need to visit the diner a few times to see it all.

Liz explained her Coca-Cola collection started when she inherited a vending machine that was in a garage in King’s Point, owned by her father – Cal Yates. The drink machine dates from 1963 and is in fantastic condition. She has been steadily collecting and now frequently gets Coca-Cola items as gifts.

Owner Liz Pelley with the vintage 1963 Coca-Cola vending machine from her father’s garage in King’s Point. Take your camera to the Classic Diner. You’ll want a photo of yourself, right where Liz is standing!

To say there is ‘all things Coke’ is a serious understatement. It is far too much to list here. (You’ll have to go see it for yourself.) But one very notable item is the large round Coke sign on the wall. It also came from Cal Yates’ garage, and has a commanding presence.

Liz said she was once offered fairly good money to sell that big sign. She turned it down flat. The items in the Classic Diner are just far too meaningful to her, she explained.

And no doubt these items will have meaning to many others, as well. If you are from King’s Point, and are older-set, you will want to see these items from Cal’s garage. Perhaps as a kid you put a coin into that very same drink machine and pulled out a cold ‘tin-a-drink’.

The Classic Diner has daily specials and an uncomplicated menu. The prices won’t break the bank by far, and it’s open daily from 11:30 am – 8:00 pm.

And it is fully licensed.

Second: Meet Camp 5 RV Park —
RV’ing Convenience at Burnt Berry Pond!

The newest addition to the Burnt Berry Pond area in Central Newfoundland is Camp 5, an RV park. What really sets Camp 5 apart from its competition is that it is fully serviced right at the lots. Water, sewer and electricity will all be found right next to the each RV, where the convenience will be most appreciated.

This extra-level service feature is a new design that the owners say is unique to Camp 5.

Another nice feature of the park is the picnic site that is being prepared where Burnt Berry Pond meets the brook. There is a view straight across the pond from a cozy little cove.

private cove camp 5 rv park burnt berry nl
The Camp 5 private beach area, tucked away in a little cove where Burnt Berry Pond meets the brook, provides RV’ers with a place for a picnic, dip or simple water-side relaxation.

Camp 5 RV Park, At A Glance
– 20 fully serviced lots (sewer, water, electricity at each lot)
– Private beach, cove & pond-side picnic site
– Rates: $30 daily, $190 weekly & $600 monthly
– Laundry facilities available
– Great location, right next to the TCH at Burnt Berry Pond near Springdale
– Telephone: 673-3926

There is a boat launch nearby as well. And the long residential road that hugs Burnt Berry Pond makes for a nice stroll.

The finishing touches are just going on this RV park (June, 2017) and there are 20 fully-serviced sites there ready for occupancy.

Camp 5 lots are already getting scooped up, even before the ‘the paint has dried’ on this new park. The Camp 5 RV Park will be popular with travellers. It is smack next to the Trans Canada Highway, and centrally located for day-tripping around Green Bay. There is a nice view to the river, plus laundry facilities and the Classic Diner, of course, right next door. And there are more conveniences planned!

camp 5 rv park burnt berry central nl
This RV Park, quite literally right next to the TCH, will be a very convenient, pond-side stay

Green Bay’s newest RV Park is named for ‘Camp 5’, a logging camp operated at the location in the early 50’s.  Remnants of an old dam can still be seen in the park, from the private beach and picnic area. The dam was used to raise the water level of Burnt Berry Pond. Cut logs were floated to the dam, water released and the timber floated downstream to a location more convenient for trucks.

With the Classic Diner, Camp 5 RV Park, a bar and more big changes and additions in the works, this spot next to Burnt Berry Pond is really coming up. That Liz and Dave are actively connecting it to local history is fitting. Burnt Berry itself is a piece of local history.

The Classic Diner and Camp 5 RV Park are located on the Trans Canada Highway at Burnt Berry Pond, a few kilometres east of Springdale Junction.

Overview & Recap ~ Burnt Berry Motel, Classic Diner & Camp 5 RV Park!
TCH at Burnt Berry Pond, 3kms east of Springdale Junction
20 mins to Springdale, 1 hr to Grand Falls-Windsor, 1.5 hrs to Deer Lake
Laundry, Bar, 15 Motel rooms/efficiency units, Boat Launch Nearby
Classic Diner: Open 7 days a week, 11:30 am – 8 pm
RV Park: 20 Lots (Water, sewer, electricity at the lots), Open May 30th-November 30th

Telephone: 673-3926

[Link: Burnt Berry Location on Google Maps]