Springdale Forest Resources Drilling for Maritime

Springdale Forest Resources Drilling for Maritime

March 27, 2018 ~ Exploration company Maritime Resources says it has drilling started at both the Hammerdown mine and Whisker areas.

A 2000 meter drilling program at the Hammerdown area will include testing “the near surface gold potential of the J, K & L veins as outlined from the recently completed surface trenching program.”

Once the drill program is done,  surface trenching and drilling results will be evaluated for a “potential open pit production scenario”.

This drilling contract has been awarded to Springdale Forest Resources.

Maritime stated more drilling will be done from underground once the mine’s ramps have been dewatered.

A phase three drill program will be done in the area later in summer.

A 1000 meter drilling program over at Whisker Valley will focus on the high-grade gold assays the company says were received from the trenching program there last fall.

Maritime Resources received support for the work project from Newfoundland and Labrador’s Junior Company Exploration Assistance Program.

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[TOP photo ~ Springdale Forest Resources Equipment at Entrance to Shoal Pond Resource Road(which leads to Hammerdown Mine)]