Springdale Fire Department Holds ‘Open House’

Ropes, Ladders, Trucks and... EGGS?! 'Recruitment Night' Might Not Be What You Think It Is

Springdale Fire Department Holds ‘Open House’

The Springdale Volunteer Fire Department opened its hall doors to the public on the evening on May 16, 2017, to give people a chance to see equipment demonstrations and get a taste of what it’s like to be a firefighter.

The Fire Department will hold another open house at 6pm on Thursday, May 18. Anyone at all who is curious is welcome to drop by.

springdale firefighter demo hose
Taking a hose for a spin at the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department’s Recruitment Night/Open House

The Fire Department planned two ‘Recruitment Nights’: May 16 & 18, 2017. The Springdale Fire Department, like most fire departments in this area, is in need of more members.

The firefighters seemed proud and very happy to share their knowledge and to show visitors around the equipment and hall. It was pointed out that if anyone at all is curious about firefighting, they really should go to the Springdale fire hall on Thursday. There is no hard-sell to join, they will just show you around.

springdale nl firefighter equipment demo
Demonstrating Rope Rescue Techniques

At the very friendly open house on May 16, the firefighters demonstrated equipment, techniques and provided information. The level of knowledge was, frankly, impressive. But they had some light-hearted fun with visitors as well. A hydraulic rescue tool, commonly referred to using the brand name ‘Jaws of Life’, was playfully used in attempts to pick up eggs without breaking them. The tool was also used by the firefighters in a game akin to Jenga. Visitors were encouraged to give the games a try.

There was clear camaraderie among the volunteer firefighters, and a whole lot of laughter. Firefighting is serious business and takes commitment, but these firefighters demonstrated they can have a good laugh too.

springdale nl firefighter demo
A Bit of Fun for Some Serious Volunteers — Putting the Hydraulic Rescue Tool to Work in a Game Similar to Jenga

Firefighters are often quick to point out that there are many ways, important ways, for volunteers to help out at a fire department — like directing traffic and cleaning equipment.

Springdale Paramedic/Firefighter Natasha Reid (Upward) has been volunteering with the department for 2 years. She explained another key role that people don’t think about:

“We do have roles that don’t require an intense amount of physical activity. If we go on a scene we have to have accountability, so there is someone who stands up with an ‘accountability board’. It’s one of the most important roles we have ’cause… safety-wise if you are going in a burning building we want to know who’s going in there and how long they’ve been in there.”

Regarding people joining the fire department Natasha added, “There’s something for everyone.”

springdale nl firefighter demo
The Firefighters Demonstrated the Technique Used to Safely Remove an Accident Victim from a Vehicle (Top Photo is Also from that Demonstration)