Springdale Doctor Has Prescription for Potholes

"It's a pretty simple fix. Somebody's got to do something about it."

Springdale Doctor Has Prescription for Potholes


This article was published on 2017/06/25

It can feel more like a playing a game of Mario Kart than driving these days when trying to get around Green Bay. Twisting and turning around potholes is now the norm.

The narrow road to Springdale, which sees heavy traffic for a rural thoroughfare, has a series of potholes that have been there long enough that they may very well have names.

Springdale physician Dr. Todd Young has something to say about those potholes. Dr. Young explained he has been driving past the potholes for a few months, each time expecting the holes would soon be patched.

And yet the potholes remain.

He said,

“I hear people complaining about it all the time, everyday. Motorcyclists, in particular, are afraid they are going to hurt themselves. It’s a pretty simple fix. Somebody’s got to do something about it.”

Dr. Young did do something about it. He took some time out on Sunday, June 25th, to make a statement. The doctor put on his sandals, got gravel from his yard and filled that sizable pothole that we all know: the big one not far past Little Bay branch that has been very nicely decorated with an orange cone for some time now.

At least until there is a good downpour, there is one less pothole on Springdale road to worry about.

Drivers will hope that the potholes are patched soon. Being a doctor, Todd Young is too busy seeing that prescriptions are filled to fill all the potholes. But, if ever being a doctor doesn’t work out for him he could easily fill his time making pothole repairs. Because whoever is in charge of stuffing holes on our highways could clearly use his help.