Sledding On the Ridge Near Rattling Brook NL

Good friends, great views, and new trail signage

Sledding On the Ridge Near Rattling Brook NL

Rattling Brook’s Cindy Newhook says she and her group of fellow sledders had an awesome time up on the ridge in the back country putting up a few signs on their favourite trails.

Cindy reported the moose were plenty, and if places up there are getting names like ‘Moosehorn’, it is easy to believe her.

All smiles ~ Cindy Newhook and Harold Adams, putting up a sign. Cindy explained where Moosehorn is: “If you were on the groomed trail, you would take the King’s Point turn off, there you would see my Whisker Hill Road sign, and it’s just a few km up the road.  Of course, beware of moose on Moosehorn!” 

Cindy also remarked, “Rattling Brook is beautiful!”

Rattling Brook is quite stunning, with a ridge of mountains and the bay framing the community. For those who venture ‘up on the ridge’, the views out Green Bay are really something. And having a 800ft waterfalls at the entrance of the community certainly doesn’t hurt!

Cindy explained she and fellow Rattling Brook-er Mavis Butt serve on the Local Service District Committee and they’re very interested in improvements to the area. Her sledding party hung the signage on back of Rattling Brook to aid snowmobilers. Cindy added that in the spring she will paint some more signage for Rattling Brook’s new Caribou Hiking Trail.

Left-Right ~ Cindy Newhook, Janice Bevis, and Mavis Butt

Cindy said they snowmobile often and riding a loop around the back country is absolutely beautiful. She explained, “We ride the ridge out to Caribou Pond, out to an access road, down Twin Ponds, out to the groomed trail, turn off to King’s Point way, hop on Whisker Hill Road, and back to Caribou Pond, then down the ridge.”

Cindy declared, “Lots of great sledding still to be had!”

With the mammoth mass of snow Green Bay received in March, Cindy is probably right. You might be able to hit the snowmobile trails in July, by the looks of things!

All kinds of wild life!


Top photo: Harold Adams (in red) and Harry Newhook (in orange) putting up some signage.

Jack Butt was also with the group, but is not pictured in the photos.

Many thanks, Cindy, for sending your photos along!