School Tweets You Should See Now

Green Bay kids doing awesome things. Applause!

School Tweets You Should See Now


Many schools have Twitter, not Facebook, as the social media platform of choice. It is always great is see young people getting ‘out there’ and spreading their wings. In celebration, here are some embedded Tweets of our kids doing what they do, which is being awesome.

These Tweets should display for most people on most browsers. (We hope.)

Tweet #1.

Did you know that Dorset Collegiate totally rocks the table tennis game? These kids are ninjas. Seriously.

Tweet #2.

These girls know what they are at! Look at those medals!


Tweet #3.

Public speaking is something that scares most of us ‘adults’ off into the bushes to hide. Not so for these young people. They do it. And they do it well.

Tweet #4.

Valmont’s drama club are getting ready for a drama festival. They are taking on Edgar Allan Poe, which is some pretty heavy stuff. And, you know what? They do that creepy subject matter well enough to give you goosebumps. Acting chops!

Tweet #5.

Looks like Dorset’s kids are not the only ones who can turn some tables. Check these medals out ~

Good stuff! Congratulations to all above. Hard work does pay off!