This Roberts Arm School’s Auction is Awesome

This Roberts Arm School’s Auction is Awesome

December 15, 2017 ~ Green Bay South’s School Council has an auction going to raise funds for new Smart Boards. This raffle auction will take place on the night of the school’s concert.

But they have posted some of the larger items on Facebook for people to place bids there.

There are ten items listed on the school’s Facebook page, including a Ski Doo brand fleece jacket, a pick-up load of dry wood, a box of crab, and some very spiffy aluminium snow shoes. There’s a fantastic quilt that is no way up to the amount of bids that it deserves.

There are five days yet to go. The auction ends at 7:00 pm on December 20th, 2017. Items must be paid at time of pick up: Thursday, Dec. 21st, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm or Friday, Dec. 22nd, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.


See the rules, below:



The last active bid to come in by the end time is the winner!
Auction end time is posted for 7 pm Dec 20th, the last active bid to come in at 7 pm would be the winner. PLEASE NOTE: Any bid on the min, 7:00pm. (not 6:59pm)

Active Bid: A bid that is placed using proper increase amounts.
Increased amounts-can be the min increment school requested, or it can be more than requested as long as the min is reached. Increments higher than min requested by school is totally up to buyer.

Facebook time will be used.

NL Time Zone, anyone bidding outside NL, Please note time on you computer will be different.
However, there is ONE exception to this rule….If the last bid is tied with another bid, then the first person who bids at the last min wins (if both bids were same amount).

For example:
If 3 people bid at 7:00 and they all bid the same price, then the first person in that minute wins. In order to win, your bid needs to be ABOVE/MORE then the other bid.

If there is an error in bidding, for example if the increase bid is requested at $2 and you increase by $1, Your bid will not be considered. Any bids that are not correct in any way, will be considered a no-show bid. Bidding will continue from last bid received. We cannot assume you would be willing to pay extra or was planning on increasing by amount started. We cannot take ownership for incorrect bids.

DO NOT DELETE BIDS. If you’d like to retract your bid, kindly tell the admin about it by commenting on the auction.

Children (under 18 years old) must have parental consent before bidding on or selling items.

Blind bid: Bids that are within another person’s comment, (it is not in the main tread), it appears to be hidden. All bids have to be out in clear view, it must be in a post under the picture, not hidden within another person’s comment or in another bid. It will not be considered a good bid if not in a post for all to see when scrolling, buyers are not expected to open all comments to see if there is a bid.

Items must be Paid at time of pick up.
Thursday Dec. 21st – 9am – 3:30pm,
Friday Dec. 22nd, – 9am – 12 pm.