Feeling Small at 800ft Rattling Brook Falls, Newfoundland

Feeling Small at 800ft Rattling Brook Falls, Newfoundland

Rattling Brook Falls, located as you might guess at Rattling Brook (Newfoundland &  Labrador), is a must-see for Green Bay locals and tourists alike.

This 800ft waterfalls is at the very beginning of Rattling Brook.  With a commanding presence, it is hard to miss. If you don’t care to walk up to the base of the falls, you can easily view the falls from the road without leaving your vehicle. (Of course, please pull safely to the side of the road first.)

At the Foot Of Rattling Brook Falls
At the Foot Of Rattling Brook Falls

Even with a few sizable flights of stairs, the walk to the foot of the stairs for most people would only range from 5-15 minutes, depending on walking speed. (This writer was in and out, with photos, in 20 minutes.)

When planning your visit, keep in mind there are no facilities at the Rattling Brook Falls location, neither washrooms nor information centre. The walk, however, is short and most everything needed can be found in nearby King’s Point, a quick 5 minute drive away.

The Entrance to the Walk to Rattling Brook Falls
The Entrance to the Short Walk to Rattling Brook Falls, NL

The trail to the falls isn’t accessible for those with mobility issues. A wheelchair may possibly access the first 20 meters or so, but then stairs are encountered.

The walk to the base of Rattling Brook Falls is very pleasant. The steps and boardwalks are well constructed and there are a few seating/benched areas. The steep hill is forested and littered with moss-covered boulders, which gives it a ‘story book’ feel. If you are lucky you will see a rabbit. (Which this writer did.)

Boardwalk on the Way to Rattling Brook Falls NL
Boardwalk on the Way Up to the Falls

There are two viewing levels. There is a viewing platform at the foot of the falls and you can go up a further flight of steps to another level to get a different perspective. From the second platform you might just feel very small as you stretch your neck to look up the massive rock face.

If you visit Rattling Brook Falls, be sure to take a camera. The forest floor there is remarkable and the waterfalls makes the perfect backdrop for snaps.  Beverages and snacks are optional as the walk is quite short, but it does make a peaceful spot for a picnic.

Also be sure to drive down through Rattling Brook, if you have time. There is a shop at the end of Rattling Brook, but it may have irregular business hours.  Drive slowly because the pavement is rough and uneven in many places. Despite this, Rattling Brook, with its steep rocky hill range behind, is a very pretty place and very much worth seeing.