A Look at Rattling Brook Falls, Newfoundland, on May 26

800 Feet of Awesome

A Look at Rattling Brook Falls, Newfoundland, on May 26

A walk to the base of Rattling Brook Falls on May 26th showed the snow is nearly, finally, gone there. There is still some snow at the bottom of the trail, but the stairs and boardwalks are clear.

Rattling Brook Falls, at a whopping 800 feet in height, really is the jewel in the Green Bay tourism crown! It is an absolute must-see, and worth repeat visits. What geographical luck that we have such a thing in our area. ( 800 feet! ) It is spectacular, and yet it is quite relaxing to sit at its base and watch and listen.

If you need to de-stress, the waterfalls at Rattling Brook should be your destination. Seriously.

It is possible to get photos of the waterfalls from the main road but it really is best to walk up to the base. It is a short 5-15 minute walk, depending on pace, along the steep hill side next to the brook. Except for the very beginning of the walk, it is entirely on sturdy and well maintained boardwalks and stairs. There is a number of stairs, perhaps making the walk not accessible for those with mobility issues unfortunately, but it is a short and easy walk for most people — families included.

There had been damage to stairs from a rock slide, but repairs have been made and a new viewing platform has been built. Volunteers from the Community of Rattling Brook have really been doing a great job over the years seeing that the falls area is maintained.

rattling brook falls path may 2017
This May 26 2017 photo is deceptive. The snow is actually not thick at all and you can easily walk the path without having to bother with wearing boots.

A walk to the waterfalls is just lovely. The boulders sitting under the trees are moss covered and have an almost magical feel. Locals swim at times at the base of the falls on hot summer days. There are picnic and tent sites. Across the main road from the waterfalls is a small park, and a beach suitable for a stroll. ( Keep in mind there are no washroom facilities. )

You may spy a rabbit, and eagles are also in the area. Keep an eye out!

Be sure to drive through Rattling Brook after you visit the waterfalls. It is very pretty and has great coastal scenery, awe-inspiring mountains and a fiord feel.

There is also now another, longer, walking trail at the end of Rattling Brook which was finished in 2016: the Caribou Trail. You may want to put it on your summer walk list.

rattling brook falls nl path may 2017
The first stairs, May 26

How to Get to Rattling Brook Falls:
The waterfalls is at the beginning of the community of Rattling Brook, and is really hard to miss. Take route 391 and drive through King’s Point. It is about a 25 minute drive off the TCH. Drive carefully because the road, although very scenic and paved, is a little rough in spots. [ Google Maps ]