Rambler Tailings | Minister Approves Report Guidelines

Rambler Tailings | Minister Approves Report Guidelines

March 23, 2018 ~ Eddie Joyce, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment, has released information regarding a Rambler project.

Rambler Metals and Mining wants to expand the Nugget Pond Mill tailing facility. The company says the expansion is needed to make room for tailings from current and future mining operations at the Ming Copper-Gold Mine, located on the Baie Verte Peninsula in Newfoundland.

The company wants a new tailings impoundment at Camp Pond. (Camp Pond is the pond located at the bottom of the Google-supplied satellite image at the top of this web page. The Nugget Pond Mill is in the top of the image.)

Work is expected to start in spring/summer 2018 and will include:
– Upgrading an existing road to access the outlet of Camp Pond for earthen dam construction
– Construction of an earthen dam at the natural outflow of Camp Pond
– Construction of an emergency spillway
– Re-location and extension of the existing tailings slurry delivery pipeline
– Installation of a powerline along the proposed access road corridor

The proposed work was registered with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment’s Environmental Assessment Division on December 13, 2017. The deadline for public comments was January 18, 2018.

Today the minister’s office announced the minister has approved the final guidelines for the preparation of the environmental preview report for the tailings facility expansion project.

The guidelines identify the information that Rambler will be required to have in the report.

The guidelines document is available on the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment website at: www.mae.gov.nl.ca/env_assessment/projects/Y2017/1939/.