Premier Ball in Springdale for Funding Announcement

South Brook, Miles Cove, Springdale and Shoe Cove to Get Federal and Provincial Funding for Sewer and Water Treatment Projects

Premier Ball in Springdale for Funding Announcement

September 2, 2017 ~ Political brass rolled into Springdale yesterday to announce funding for infrastructure projects in the district of Baie Verte – Green Bay.

The total cost for the infrastructure projects was said to be over $1.8 million.The funding provided to this area, in total, will be just over $1.4 million which comes by way of contributions from both the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Springdale, South Brook, Miles Cove and Shoe Cove are the funding recipients and the money will go to sewer and water treatment projects.

From the news release:

– Springdale is receiving a provincial contribution of $224,000 and a federal contribution of up to $132,000 from the Federal Government for new storm sewer, sewer lines and water lines, as well as upgrades to Orange Lane and Churchill Place.

– Shoe Cove, Notre Dame Bay, is receiving provincial funding of $85,000 and $50,000 from the Federal Government to upgrade its water treatment system.

– South Brook, Hall’s Bay, is receiving $90,000 in provincial funding and $53,000 from the Federal Government to retrofit the sewage lift station.

– Miles Cove is receiving $494,000 in provincial funding for Phase II of its water and sewer project, with the Federal Government contributing up to $291,000.

La Scie will also receive $48,000 for street upgrading and paving under the provincial Municipal Capital Works program.

springdale nl town hall

Premier Dwight Ball, MP Scott Simms, and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment Eddie Joyce travelled into Springdale on September 1st to make the announcement at Springdale Town Hall.

Announcements were also made in Botwood and Badger on September 1st. The Federal and Provincial Governments are providing joint funding for 77 infrastructure projects across Newfoundland and Labrador.

The municipalities will also foot part of the bill for the projects.

In Springdale, council representatives from funding recipient communities and other interested individuals gathered together in the chambers to hear the announcement and have a chance to speak with the prominent NL politicians.

premier dwight ball

In addition to the funding announcement, the upcoming municipal elections was a choice topic for the politicians as they took turns to address the community representatives.

Premier Ball spoke on the financial position of the Province before he moved into speaking on the newly funded Green Bay infrastructure projects that will be in part facilitated through Federal funds. Ball said:

“…we realize, and Scott Simms always says, is that it is actually your money that we are spending. So when we make that decision we want to do it in the most cost efficient and effective way […] we realize no one wants to waste money. We’re not gonna be doing that and so we look at every opportunity that we can to leverage Federal money and leverage that and work with our communities… “

scott simms premier ball harvey tizzard eddie joyce brian warr
L-R: Coast of Bays-Central-Notre Dame MP Scott Simms, Premier Dwight Ball, Baie Verte – Green Bay MHA Brian Warr, Outgoing Springdale Mayor Harvey Tizzard and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment Eddie Joyce