POLL | Dr. Todd Young Springdale Hospital Privileges

In this, the first Weekly Poll on Green Bay Feed, the question is on Dr. Young's hospital privileges

POLL | Dr. Todd Young Springdale Hospital Privileges

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Here are the extremes. Baie Verte-Green Bay MHA Brian Warr stood in the NL House of Assembly to commend the work of Dr. Todd Young’s medical clinic in Springdale. Yet Dr. Frank Hicks, who works in Springdale, is said to have described Dr. Young’s professional attitude as “marginal”. Central Health has rejected Dr. Young’s application for hospital privileges, meaning he can treat patients in his clinic but not at the hospital. Yet he has many patients who publicly support him, in a one-time rally and repeatedly via social media.

The contrasts within this situation are apparent, and notable.

Is the situation as controversial as it appears to be? Do you think Dr. Todd Young should have hospital privileges? And should public opinion even play into it?

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It has repeatedly been a huge Green Bay news story, one picked up by news outlets province-wide. According to Court and Newfoundland and Labrador College of Physicians and Surgeons documents, Springdale’s Dr. Todd Young admitted to a relationship with one former female patient and “inappropriate conduct” with another and withdrew from practice in 2014. His license was later suspended by the NL College of Physicians and Surgeons. The period of suspension ended on November 30, 2015.

>>> Read the College of Physicians & Surgeons Decision HERE <<<

Dr. Young has since returned to practice and opened a medical clinic in Springdale in early 2016. The clinic has been very well received by the Springdale area.

Dr. Young’s application for hospital privileges was rejected by Central Health. Although he can treat patients at his clinic, he is currently not permitted to admit patients to Springdale Hospital.

The March 2017 Court Case

Dr. Young, with his lawyer Jerome Kennedy, asked the Supreme Court to quash the Central Health decision denying him hospital privileges.  In a decision on March 30, Justice William H. Goodridge concluded the Central Health decision to deny Dr. Young privileges met the requirements for the “reasonableness standard” (defined as having justification, transparency and intelligibility) and the court would not interfere.

[See the full Judgment HERE]

Dr. Dennis Rashleigh, Vice President Medical Services with Western Health, conducted a review of Dr. Todd Young’s application for hospital privileges in 2016. He stated in an October 2016 letter addressed to Dr. Young that he believed Dr. Young did not meet two of the criteria of Section 28 of the Central Health Medical Staff Bylaws:

– Section 28.2.2 (“the ability to work and cooperate with and relate to others in a collegial and professional manner”)

– Section 28.2.5 (“ethical character, performance and behaviour”)

Dr. Rashleigh stated in the letter that he had based his conclusion on:

– That Dr. Young had a personal relationship with a patient

– Dr. Young’s correspondence with Dr. Rashleigh

– A reference from Springdale physician Dr. Frank Hicks, which described Dr. Young’s relationship with coworkers as “poor” and his professional attitude as “marginal”. Dr. Rashleigh clearly placed considerable weight on the words of Dr. Hicks. Rashleigh referenced Dr. Hicks in four out of the six paragraphs of the letter to Dr. Young, and Rashleigh stated he believed other positive references submitted “do not overrule or eliminate the concerns of a physician who has worked very closely with [Dr. Young].”

With the March 2017 decision, Dr. Todd Young remains unable to admit patients to Springdale Hospital.


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