Plan a Trip to Long Island NL This Summer

A hiking trail, a tea room, a museum and a lot happening in July this year -- Long Island won't stay Green Bay's best kept secret forever. Word will get out

Plan a Trip to Long Island NL This Summer

The friendly bunch on Long Island have extended an invitation to all to their Come Home Year 2018. They’ll be celebrating their 50th Anniversary of Incorporation as well and there’ll be more than a week’s worth of events on the island: from July 19th – 29th, 2018.

The deadline to register for their Come Home Year 2018 is February 28th. (See the Come Home Year schedule, at the bottom of this post.) The registration fee specifically covers events on ‘Opening Day’: Monday, July 23rd. The other events are ‘come on in, first come first served’ so Come Home Year week will be a great time to visit Long Island this year.

But you don’t have to take in Come Home Year to take in Long Island. It’s good all summer.

Come and sit a spell — There are welcoming green chairs sprinkled around Long Island for visitors to enjoy

Long Island is lovely in summer and is absolutely one of the most underrated places in Green Bay. Even if just for a day trip, if you have never been to Long Island NL, go.

Long Island has a hiking trail, and plenty of photo taking opportunities. There is a small shop on the island, and a Heritage Museum with Tea Room which is open in the tourist season. There are B&B’s on the island as well. Refer to the Town’s website.

Remember: the ferry trip from Pilley’s Island to Long Island takes just 5 minutes. [Ferry location on Google Maps] [Ferry schedule]

Long Island, NL

A lot of preparation is going into Long Island’s Come Home Year. They are even building an RV park, which will be of course be a benefit to visitors there throughout the whole tourist season.  Work has started on the 15 site RV Park at Beaver Park, a summer swimming spot. The fee is $25 per night. The seventh night is free. Reservations can be made by calling the Town Office at (709) 264-3271 or by emailing [email protected] (They will ask you the size of your camper because all the sites are not the same size.)

This tourism post is brought to you in part by CBDC Emerald

Timeless sights to bring your inner artist out, on Long Island

Never been to Long Island? Practical travel tips/advice: Take cash with you. You don’t pay on the ferry on your way to Long Island. You pay at the kiosk on the dock on Long Island on the way back and you’ll pay for both trips. At the Pilley’s Island dock put your vehicle in the far right lane to line up. The left hand lane is the Little Bay Islands lineup. The centre lane is for vehicles coming off the ferry. There is no cell service or washrooms at the Pilley’s Island dock but there are washrooms on the ferry. Signage on the Pilley’s Island dock is, frankly, far from great but ferry-goers are generally very friendly (if you need to ask someone a question). The ferry crew is a friendly group as well.

Check the ferry schedule before you go.

All that written, the ferry trip — in summer — is very simple, fast, worth it and even a bit of fun in itself.  [Ferry location on Google Maps] [Ferry schedule]

A boat from a boat ~ the ferry at the Long Island dock


July 19th – 29th, 2018

This Schedule was taken from the Facebook event page.
This schedule is still subject to change.
Except for July 23rd, registration is not needed for these events.

8:00 pm BINGO in the Recreation Centre

FRIDAY, July 20
11:00 am Kids BBQ at the Town Hall grounds area
1:00 pm Parade on Main Street
10:00 pm Fireworks at Little Island and Festival of Lights Boat Parade

The ‘Town grounds’ ~ behind these buildings is an outdoor area used for public events

11:00 am – 6:00 PM LONG ISLAND DAY Festivities at the Town Hall grounds area
9:00 pm – 2:00 AM ADULT DANCE, Long Island Academy, Live Music by Dwayne Snow
Ticket Sale Date/Price: TBA

SUNDAY, July 22
2:00 pm Gospel Singing at the United Church

Inside the Heritage Museum on Long Island. There is a Tea Room in the same building.

MONDAY, July 23
5:00 pm Opening Ceremony – Meet & Greet, Wine & Cheese, Pig Roast, Silent Auction commences and guest speaker at Long Island Academy. Register in advance to attend this event: $20 single; $35 family. The deadline for payment and registration is February 28, 2018. Find the registration form and details about registration on the Facebook page.

TUESDAY, July 24
9:00 am Heritage Breakfast, Price: $10. Fun & games: punt race, ice cream making an the Heritage Grounds
5:00 pm United Church Woman (UCW) Supper: Jiggs Dinner & Dessert, Price: TBA; UC Hall

The Heritage Museum and Tea Room are in the orange building. (The United Church is in the background)

Time: TBA Quilting Group Workshop
Time: TBA Beans & Toutons at Long Island Academy (LIA), Price: TBA
Time: TBA School Reunion & Basketball Game at Long Island Academy

8:45 am 10 KM Mayor’s Walk: run, walk or bike from ferry to Beothuk Trail: $10 registration fee
11:00 am – 2:00 PM Salvation Army Picnic
4:00 pm – 6:00 PM Children Mummering (Trick or Treat)
9:00 pm Newfie Night: sing-along, bonfire, mummers; free marshmallows and wieners at ‘Maisie’s Pit’

FRIDAY, July 27
11:00 am – 5:00 PM Craft Sale at Long Island Academy
5:30 pm Recreation: Dart Shoot/Supper, Price: TBA

4:00 pm Codfish Derby at the Heritage Grounds, Registration fee: $5; Last Weigh-In at 4:00 PM
2:00 pm United Church Christmas Tree
7:00 pm Talent Night: Special Guest & Silent Auction closing, Screech-in at LIA, Price: TBA

SUNDAY, July 29
11:00 am Faith Pentecostal Church Community Brunch at Long Island Academy. An outdoor service will follow. Free will offering welcome.

An island with character: Long Island