‘Overwhelming’ Positive Response to King’s Point Craft ‘n’ Trade Show

‘Overwhelming’ Positive Response to King’s Point Craft ‘n’ Trade Show

Looks like Valmont Academy has really stumbled onto something with their Craft & Trade Show, which will take place on Saturday, April 29 from 10 am to 4 pm.

This fundraiser for the little school will turn out to be a very big day. There are currently 35 tables booked. Add in the fact that lunch will be available for purchase and there will be a few tables from the school as well, Valmont Academy will be packed on April 29.

Krista Noseworthy, a Valmont parent/volunteer and one of the event organizers, said:

“We are overwhelmed with the response. We never expected it! We have people coming from Corner Brook, Hampton, Burlington, South Brook and Green Bay South, Baie Verte, Springdale, and Jackson’s Cove…”

The variety at the Craft ‘n’ Trade Show will be broad and Krista pointed out there “will be something for everyone!”

With no entrance fee and a table line-up that includes everything from stained glass to popcorn, it is easy to believe her. Big budget or small, you and your kids will find something in Valmont’s gym that day.

Some of what will be available:

Sunset Gourmet, vinyl crafts, wreaths, knitted items, baked goods, preserves, jewelry of all kinds, seal skin items, bath booms, cupcakes, cakes, make-up, brand name clothing, stained glass, Epicure, essential oils, cotton candy, popcorn, wooden chairs, custom-made hangers, crochet items , Tupperware, Mary Kay…

For more info, refer to the Facebook Event Page

There will be no admission fee. Pop in. Look around. Grab some grub. There will be plenty of parking, and there is a playground next to the school. Remember, it is easy to ‘make a day of it’ because the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail is located at the start of King’s Point and in nearby Rattling Brook there is a 800ft waterfalls for you to visit and a new trail: the Caribou Trail.

Valmont Academy is located on Main Street. It is a “can’t miss”.

**ALLERGY ALERT: Valmont Academy is strawberry, latex and fish free.**

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