Order New Flavours Online | Hot Drinks for Cold Newfoundland Nights

Some new flavours for you to try

Order New Flavours Online | Hot Drinks for Cold Newfoundland Nights

Well, no, the drinks won’t be hot when they arrive at your door 🙂 but stocking up on drinks to warm those bivvering bitter cold Newfoundland nights is still a good idea.

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If tea is your style, check out these lovelies. These flavours may be new to you and with names like Cosmo Cranberry Orange and Lychee Pear, they sound delicious. And I will be surprised if any of these can be found in your neighbourhood supermarket in the cove (if you have a supermarket, that is).

These would probably also make nice gifts for the tea-lovers in your life.

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Cranberry Orange ~ The name says it allCranberry and orange tea sounds like a very good pairing indeed. I’d drink a cup’a’dat.

Lychee Pear ~ We all know green tea, but ‘Lychee Pear‘ flavoured green tea? Mmmm, interesting! Tetley has a wide range of flavours in their line of teas. Tetley.ca describes this tea as naturally decaffeinated and a blend of two fruits: pear and lychee. Lychee is a tropical fruit native to China and is a food touted for its health benefits. (I can’t vouch for that, but a hot cup of tea is good for the soul.)


Black Currant ~ All the Newfoundland Nans will like this Black Currant flavoured tea! A cup of this and a slice of toast would fix anyone up on a cold day in the cove. The only question is: when are they going to make bakeapple tea? C’mon, Tetley. What are you guys waiting for?

Blueberry tea! Ya KNOWS that is going to go wicked good with a slice of mudder’s fresh bread!

Just before Christmas I was standing in a lineup at a supermarket cash register in Central Newfoundland and the fellow in front of me was paying for two whole bulk boxes of this stuff. It looked like he at least had two dozen cans brought in especially for himself. (Not that I was being nosy. … well, yeah. I was nosy.) Does he know something that the rest of us don’t yet?

Pina Colada
~ How about this one for a bit of fun? Pina Colada tea just might be a great mix for a variation of your next ‘hot toddy’!

~ Do I need to write more than ‘strawberry tea’? Nope. STRAWBERRY TEA!

And, this is not tea
~ Of course, don’t forget the hot chocolate. Winter always needs hot chocolate.

Rolo flavoured (k-cup) hot chooclate

Carnation hot chocolate, flavoured