Opinion | The Worst Intersection in Green Bay NL

With parked vehicles blocking the view for a safe exit from Juniper Rd., this spot takes the 'prize' as the worst intersection

Opinion | The Worst Intersection in Green Bay NL

Anyone who has to drive through Springdale NL knows the intersection — that one next to the post office, where Juniper Rd. meets Main Street.

busy intersection springdale nl

Since parking spaces were laid out in front Springdale’s post office some years back, this intersection has become a headache, if not dangerous. Parked vehicles obstruct the view towards the old Dalfen’s Mall, making a left turn problematic. A line of large pickup trucks and SUVs, in particular, can block the view. Any car travelling between Mary Brown’s and Main Street Medical Clinic cannot be seen. Parked vehicles create a massive and unsafe blind spot.

This is how you do a left turn exit from Juniper Rd. on a busy day: Pull out cautiously and then hit the brakes because you can finally see that a vehicle is approaching from the right. Then a kind driver stops to let you out because the nose of your car is out in the intersection.

I now avoid making a left turn from Juniper. And I try to use Bayview Rd. at the waterfront more.

intersection springdale nl
At the corner of Juniper and Main. As you can see, even without huge king cab trucks parked in front of the post office the view is obstructed. A car travelling, and positioned in front of Mary Brown’s, could not be seen.

I visited the intersection a few times during the week of June 24th-28th. It didn’t take very long on Wednesday, June 28th, to witness some unsafe driving as well as drivers having trouble exiting Juniper Rd. safely. One woman did a U-turn in front of the Kento sign. Another person turned onto Juniper Road into the oncoming lane.

worst intersection in green bay nl
Perhaps it was driver frustration that led this individual on June 28 to turn into the oncoming lane. (That’s no excuse, though.)

It is easy to assume there will be a nasty accident at this intersection one day from aggressive driving, obstructed views, or both.

The view is obstructed. Safe turns are not always possible. Surely this is well-known. Only one question remains: Why are there still parking spaces in front of the Springdale Canada Post Outlet?

~ Deb Cakes, July 1st, 2017