OPINION | This Photo Screams Quietly

One little roadside sign can say a lot

OPINION | This Photo Screams Quietly

I love the photo above. I love it for what it represents, for what it means. I pulled this simple little snap out of the Green Bay Feed photo archive today because it is a stark contrast to all the loud hullabaloo that took place in Springdale on September 1st when a Premier, a Minister, an MP and an MHA came to town to announce funding.

For water treatment and/or sewage projects, Springdale will get $356 000, and little Shoe Cove will get an impressive $135 000. South Brook nabbed $143 000 and folks in the small town of Miles Cove secured a whopping $785 000.

But the very quiet and boring photo above represents the quiet and hard work to getting things done. It represents the community pride and toil that it takes to make our communities survive. Communities need fire protection. They need clean water. They need sewer systems.

And precious little Federal or Provincial funding is awarded without someone somewhere, someone in a community, identifying a need and filling out applications. It’s quite likely that no one just happened along, happened to saunter into Miles Cove on a sunny afternoon wondering if they’d just happen to like to have nearly $800 000 for a water and sewer project.

People in even the smallest towns are trying to get things done.

The photo above looks low-key but it actually screams a message. That message is that a lot is getting quietly accomplished by the work of volunteers and community-minded troopers.

To those of you — whoever you are, wherever you are — who work in quiet ways great and small to improve our Green Bay communities: “Job Well Done!” and “Keep Up The Good Work!”

Spiffy backdrop banners and a political road show photo opp might have a place in the provincial arena, but a little sign like that one pictured above is what is really impressive.

~ September 2, 2017. Deb Cakes