Opinion | Main Street Medical Clinic in Springdale

Opinion | Main Street Medical Clinic in Springdale

Full disclosure, straight up: Main Street Medical Clinic is a Green Bay Feed sponsor/advertiser.

When I knew the clinic was coming on board I was grateful, and …uneasy.

Would reporting on things happening at Main Street Medical Clinic be perceived as bias?


If anyone perceives it that way, OK. This is about healthcare, and I would be doing the area a disservice if I didn’t report on some of what is happening at Main Street Medical Clinic.

And, really, it has got to be said: it looks like Main Street Medical Clinic is doing a good job.

On the Green Bay Feed Facebook Page I recently asked for opinions on the Clinic. Here’s some of what I got.

Mike Critch ~ It was an overdue & welcomed addition to the community! The demand for its services speaks volumes!

Betty Dove-Janes ~ It was long overdue and the clinic had made a worthwhile impression on the community …

Tracy Thomas ~ It’s more of a multi-faceted type of medicine that I see as an asset to our area. I had mixed feelings at first but now feel that Dr. Young and his team are performing a positive role in the community of patient care.

Rocky Morey ~ Too much medical care? Not possible. Dr Todd Young, his associates and staff provide much needed services that are scarce or not available at our hospital clinic. How can anyone see this as a negative? Dr Young reminds me of physicians of old who knew their patients and their family histories intricately which makes his level of care very rare and quite an asset in today’s society.

Carolyn Roberts Evans ~ I have had all positive experiences so far. It’s exciting to see all the new developments and specialists who are coming on board. I believe this clinic is state of the art for all the changes taking place around us. Kudos to all of the staff who treat you with the utmost of respect. Thank you for all of your hard work. It’s appreciated.

Trudy Fudge ~ I think it’s the best thing that ever happened. Dr Young and his team are amazing in every way. Don’t know what I would have done without these people, professional and very friendly team.

Lorne Clarke ~ My wife and I have had top of the line medical service from Dr. Young. I can’t praise him enough. His staff are always very helpful and courteous. This clinic has been a great asset to the overall medical care offered to Springdale and area. And I wish Dr. Young and his staff the very best in his future efforts towards improving the health care of Green Bay. Thank you very much. (Lorne and Gladys Clarke)

Last week Main Street Medical celebrated the end of their first year. In that year an Addictions Program was set up there, they have been doing charitable work and passing on better-health information. They have been attempting to expand the list of medical services available in the Triton area. And recently they launched an education program.

Now, all this is not to say the doctors, nurses and receptionists down at Springdale Hospital are doing a bad job. Not at all! The improvements to patient flow and procedures in the clinic are apparent. My doctor is there. I find him caring and very knowledgeable. And when I found myself in Emergency at the end of 2016, every bit convinced I was doomed and on the verge of a heart attack, the nurses there were simply wonderful. I appreciated their professionalism. They wired me up to machines, and – with a doctor – checked me out, then sent me on my way with love in their eyes. (I wasn’t on the verge of a heart attack. I was just more than a wee bit stressed, apparently. Powerful thing, stress.)

The bottom line here is that you can never have too much health care in an area, can you?

Having two clinics is nothing but a good thing.

More walk-in clinics is good.

More doctors is good.

Less congestion in each waiting room is good.

And so I will report on any health information I can get my paws on. That is an invitation to the professionals at Central Health, as well as Main Street Medical Clinic. Let Green Bay Feed be your bulletin board. Clinic times, flu jab information, general health information, information on new hospital procedures…Green Bay Feed is all yours. Please email [email protected]

(And, before I sign off, I would like to also thank CBDC Emerald, Self Employment Assistance Program, and Brian Whitehorne Remax Agent for choosing GBF to get the word out about their offerings.)

~ Deb Cakes
March 8, 2017