OPINION | No One Cares About Buying Local?

OPINION | No One Cares About Buying Local?

The shop manager quickly shot back with “no one cares about buying local” when I suggested a ‘buy local’ promotion while trying to sell him advertising, some years back in Springdale. He added that he believed people only care about a bargain.

That may be true. It’s possibly human nature to want to get something for a perceived lesser cost. Put out less energy to collect berries. Use fewer spears to kill a mammoth. It makes sense, and probably goes back a long way. Pay less. But do we pay less in the long run?

I, too, am guilty. You can spot me in Grand Falls-Windsor from time to time, completely befuddled in some overly crowded Walmart aisle. I can also be spotted in one of the big supermarkets, buying some spicy imported something-or-other.

I do try to shop locally. I forget sometimes, though, that the local garage has plumbing items and that our tiny grocery store has sales, that the ATV place has t-shirts, that the pharmacy sells gift items. It is easy not to think too much about it, then automatically gas up the car and drive off to GFW or Corner Brook.

Here is something for us all to think about. Some of our communities have changed a lot in the last few decades. Populations have dwindled. Schools have closed. Fewer options remain for convenience shopping and gassing up. In some towns, like Beachside and Jackson’s Cove, there is no option for gas or convenience at all. None.

When I run out of Eversweet,  I want the corner shop to still be there.  When I need gas, I want the gas pump to still be there. I want the option. And buying local now, at much as you can, is the only way to keep the option. If we don’t spend here, one day we won’t be able to spend here.

Just something for us to think about.



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