Online PETITION Asks for a Safer Springdale Junction

Online PETITION Asks for a Safer Springdale Junction

March 2, 2019 ~ 


An online petition has been started, calling for better signage and lighting at Springdale Junction.

Springdale Junction is the turn off on the Trans Canada Highway to Route 390. It leads to Springdale, Little Bay and Beachside, King’s Point and Rattling Brook, and the Harry’s Harbour area.

In early February of this year the Springdale and Area Chamber of Commerce posted on social media that the group has been lobbying the provincial government for improvements to the junction. They cited ‘safety concerns’ are behind the effort.

On the online petition web page it was stated that “close calls and accidents have occurred and continue to occur at this intersection […]”.

It was also stated on the petition page that the “main safety issue is that there is insufficient signage or lighting to enable westbound motorists on the TCH traveling at highway speeds to recognize that the right lane which appears prior to the service station is actually a turn lane which will end […]”.

Another concern stated was a lack of “right or left turn lanes coming off of the TCH” to residences and residential areas near the junction.

If you would like to read more or sign the petition, here’s the link to the online petition.


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