Great Local Stories in the Book ‘Once Upon a Mine’

The Mining History of Little Bay, Roberts Arm, Halls Bay, Pilley's Island, King's Point, Tilt Cove and Bett's Cove ~ Right in One Handy Online Book

Great Local Stories in the Book ‘Once Upon a Mine’

You wouldn’t think stories of holes in the ground could be interesting.

But they can be.

Even if you aren’t much of a mining or history buff, there are some pretty good stories in the book Once Upon a Mine: Story of Pre-Confederation Mines on the Island of Newfoundland by Wendy Martin. The book has been, in its entirety, uploaded to the website. In the book’s Introduction, written by Dr. David Strong of Memorial University of Newfoundland, it says the book is about the “dreamers and rogues, about shysters and heroes…”

And the book certainly is. It is an interesting read, with facts that actually tell the stories of quick riches, of losses, of towns that disappeared, and of the very rough job Newfoundland miners had in the 1800s. There is even a story that ends in cannibalism.

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Quick Navigation to the Local Information in the Book
Enjoy reading the whole book or jump to one of the following pages, if any of these topics are of interest. Mining is a huge part of Green Bay NL’s history. The stories in this book are the stories of the ‘holes in the ground’ that can oftentimes still be located and seen here right to this day.

When you have the book open, you should see a spot in the upper left corner of the viewer where you can type in the page number and go straight to that page.

Page 8 ~ Map of Green Bay historical mines
Page 19 ~ The two ‘lives’ of the Tilt Cove Mine
Page 21 ~ The wreck of the Queen of Swansea in 1867, off Tilt Cove, and the resulting cannibalism
Page 27 ~ The big town that is no more: Bett’s Cove
Page 29 ~ A description of the harsh candle-lit underground mining of the 1800s 
Page 31 (Very bottom of page) ~ the copper and riches of Little Bay, the ‘El Dorado of Newfoundland’
Page 36 ~ The five 1800s Southwest Arm mines (You may wish to also refer back to the map on page 8 of the book)
Page 37 ~ The misery of black flies
Page 39 ~ Halls Bay Mines, 19th century mines near Springdale
Page 40 ~ Copper mine near Roberts Arm, which included a 2-mile tramway
Page 41 ~ Miles Cove mine
Page 41 ~ Pilley’s Island mine

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The book is, of course, protected by copyright. That is why here you find
the page numbers but not the page content.