Ocean View Walking Trail near Jackson’s Cove NL

5 kms round-trip, bay views and a sea arch. Your sunny summer afternoon plan should include the Ocean View

Ocean View Walking Trail near Jackson’s Cove NL

When you are looking for an afternoon out this summer, you might like to head towards the small community of Jackson’s Cove. (Dare we say it is one of the prettiest in Newfoundland and Labrador?)

The Ocean View Walking Trail, just outside Jackson’s Cove, will give you a bay-side walk that won’t take a lot of time. Put it on your summer to-do list.

Ocean View Walking Trail Overview ~

  • Approx. 5 kms total, ‘in/out’
  • 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on pace
  • Easy-moderate
  • Some stairs and boardwalks
  • No ‘sign in’ or visitor centre
  • 3 ocean lookouts with spectacular pano views of Green Bay
  • Natural sea arch seen from 3rd lookout
  • Possibility of iceberg sightings, depending on time of year (and luck!)
  • Getting there: Routes 390-391 | 24 kms from King’s Point NL | 42 kms from Springdale NL

ocean view map location 2

Bear in mind that, unfortunately, right now there are no services in Jackson’s Cove. You will want to head out for your afternoon fully prepared.

Before you head to the Ocean View Walking Trail, make sure your smartphone is charged well. Although there is likely no cell service, you will absolutely want to take a lot of photos. Jackson’s Cove is very pretty. Its historical church makes for a perfect backdrop and the broad views from Jackson’s Cove, and from the Ocean View Trail, are spectacular. You will get ‘snap-happy’ for sure.

When you are through with your Ocean View walk, drive through Langdon’s Cove to the very wide Nicky’s Nose Cove beach, for some superior beach pebble hunting.

If you are new to that area, take route 391 toward King’s Point. Turn at the signage at the beginning of King’s Point and head toward Harry’s Harbour. Signage in Silverdale will tell you when to turn left. Just after the United Church in Jackson’s Cove (It stands out), go right. Not far outside of Jackson’s Cove you will see the walking trail sign on your left.

ocean view trail sign

There is a small parking lot at the entrance with enough room for a couple of vehicles.

The trail is fairly easy to follow, and doesn’t have any big climbs or serious rises in elevation. It does meander and ‘roll’ a bit but overall it is far from a challenging hike. It winds through forest and then opens onto a rugged stretch of Green Bay. There are 3 lookout platforms with great views. One view includes a natural rock arch. The best view is from the third platform, where the trail essentially ends.

At one point there is a fork in the trail, but it is easy to distinguish which is the correct footpath and which is a separate path for ATVs.

It is about a 5 km round trip. The trail does not loop, it is an ‘in-out’.

(There was a spot or two along the walk where the trees have been cut over — not pictured here — but this did not detract from the views of the bay from the platforms.)

platform ocean view trail jacksons cove nl
What a view! The second viewing platform is actually on top of the arch.


a view of the third platform
Look out, waaayyyy out… ocean! It’s the ocean view of the Ocean View Walking Trail.  And you can make out, barely, the third viewing platform


arch ocean view trail jacksons cove nl
And we call THIS a destination! The arch! Worth every step of this afternoon walk. These photos were taken on a very cold and gray autumn day. Can you imagine how awesome this looks on a warm summer day, with a bright blue sky above? This is a Green Bay ‘must-go-see’.