Newfoundland, You’d Be Surprised the Groceries You Can Order Online

Groceries and cleaning products without crowded supermarket aisles and carts? Yes, please!

Newfoundland, You’d Be Surprised the Groceries You Can Order Online

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Hey Newfoundland, why drive all that way to spend time in crowded supermarkets when you can order some groceries while at home, comfy in your pajamas? A bit of online grocery shopping means you can stock your cupboard while binge watching your fave TV show.

Ordering some groceries online is great for folks in small Newfoundland towns like Little Bay, which don’t have a store but do have a post office! It is also great for people who don’t own cars and can’t easily get themselves out of their small communities for shopping.

And you might be surprised by the variety of products that you can get delivered to you these days: crackers, oil, rice and even tinned milk.

I’m sold to the idea and I have groceries on the way as I type this.

Scroll down or just click this link to see a range of products >> grocery

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Click/tap the image if you want to check it out.

The items listed below may sell out, especially if the price is really good. If so, you can still surf the grocery section  and see what else is available.

Who knew you can even grab
some tinned milk online: Carnation 2%

There’s regular Carnation milk too

What, even get flour delivered?!
Click/Tap the image to see pricing
for Robin Hood Flour


There are a heck of a lot of teas and coffees on offer online, as you would guess. If you are feeling experimental or want to stock up on your favourites, you may very well find what you are looking for here: tea, coffee and more

And popular Red Rose tea is available too.
Click/tap the image to check it out.


That KD is a 4-pack 🙂


It was honestly surprising the number of every day items available to be ordered. The ordering was pretty easy too. I may never leave my pajamas again.

There were many options for ‘buying big’, as well: large items and what is basically bulk buys. Click through and look around: grocery

I’m not one for cereal but, if you are (kids love it, let’s face it), there many types to surf through: grocery

No surprise, there are plenty of sweets to be ordered online. But did you know you could also get your baking supplies?

Some items, like cake mixes and some pastas come with a warning in bright yellow, that there are shipping restrictions. That seems logical that not everything can be shipped easily to every little nook and cranny in Newfoundland and Labrador. But the pasta I ordered came with a warning and shipped out no problem, to a my town of about 600 in Central NL.


I wasn’t completely sure I would order groceries. Then I found the Pringles, and that closed the deal. I ordered four cans. At least, they’ll go well with my new life in pajamas! >> potato chips

Anyway, clicking through and checking it out won’t hurt. [ grocery ] 

In fact, I am certain there’ll be something there for your cupboard!