A New Hiking Trail, at Rattling Brook, Newfoundland

A New Hiking Trail, at Rattling Brook, Newfoundland

There is a ‘new trail in town’, at Rattling Brook, Newfoundland &  Labrador.

The Caribou Trail runs along Southwest Arm, and the views are spectacular. At points the trail runs like a tunnel through woods, which really gives this trail some character. This is a trail many people will want to do twice.

The Caribou was completed in Fall, 2016. This in/out trail could be rated easy to moderate and is about a 60-90 minute round trip. There are a few somewhat rough patches of terrain, and one large/steep flight of stairs, but overall most hikers should not find this trail difficult. (This trail does not form a loop.)

To get to the Caribou Trail, you need to drive right to the very end of Rattling Brook. (Which is also a treat because Rattling Brook is really very pretty.)

If you don’t know, Rattling Brook is on route 391. Drive through King’s Point.

caribou trail rattling brook start point
This way to the Caribou Trail! This is at the very end of Rattling Brook. As you can see, there was a bit of storm damage at the time this photo was taken, in Fall 2016.

When you reach the end of Rattling Brook, you’ll see the entrance to the trail as an obvious ATV trail heading up a slight incline. If the storm damage has been fixed, it can be possible for some types of vehicles to get over this rough road to the actual mouth of the trail. But it is advisable to park your vehicle at the turn-around at the end of Rattling Brook and walk the rough road portion. You’ll skirt some puddles and enjoy yourself more.

caribou trail atv road section
The view from the ‘ATV trail’ is wonderful, even before you get to the Caribou Trail

If you come to any kind of fork in the path and see ATV tracks that go to the left, remember that the aim is to get down to the bay. Head down the hill.

One of the first things that greets you at the bottom, by the bay, is a very cute little waterfalls.

For the most part the trail basically hugs the shore. It winds a bit and there are a few slopes. But the trail is generally easy to follow and the folks who constructed the trail did a pretty good job with signage to point the way. It’s a nice little trail, and a job well done.

caribou trail rattling brook nl stairs
There is only one significant set of stairs on the Caribou Trail

The trail doesn’t form a loop. There is a final destination with picnic tables, fire pits and a covered rest area. If you plan to walk this trail, be sure to pack a lunch!

When you reach the end, it really is serene. It is quite far out the bay at that point. You’ll see no houses, you’ll hear no cars. You may even wish the trail was longer.

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caribou trail rattling brook nl end destination
The ‘end of the line’. Picnic time!

The bonus to hiking the Caribou is that along the way you can also take in 800ft Rattling Brook Falls. The two attractions will perfectly fill an afternoon.

And the problem with writing about the new Caribou Trail? How to choose 8 photos from so many pretty photos!

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caribou trail rattling brook