MHA Brian Warr Speeches in the House of Assembly

MHA Brian Warr Speeches in the House of Assembly

Springdale’s Brian Warr has been MHA for the district of Baie Verte-Green Bay for a little over a year. In that time he has given a number of ‘Members Statements’ in the House of Assembly. The statements can be found on the web, on the NL HOA Youtube channel.

Speeches Guide:
Scroll through the list below to get an idea of what this MHA has been saying in the House. The topic of each speech is noted to guide you to the speech you may want to watch.

Clicking any screenshot image below will open the NL HOA Youtube video in a new browser tab, or your Youtube app. There are additional links at the bottom of the post, without screenshots. 

Maiden Speech, April 11, 2016 ~ 15:15 minutes | He thanked the area for electing him and thanked former MHAs for their work. He spoke of the area of Baie Verte-Green Bay and explained his background and family history. He also spoke on healthcare, the fishery and local mining.



March 17, 2016 ~ 1:30 minutes | He spoke on Hats for Haiti, a project headed by Karen Huxter of Springdale.
April 12, 2016 ~ 1:24 minutes | He recognized Tommy Ricketts, a WW1 hero


April 21, 2016 ~ 1:37 minutes | He recognized the Dorset Collegiate table tennis club and highlighted their successes (Which are considerable)


May 3, 2016 ~ 1:17 minutes | He congratulated the Northeast Sabres, of Baie Verte, on their success in capturing the Central NL Hockey League Championship
May 17, 2016 ~ 1:27 minutes | He congratulated the Baie Verte Emerald volleyball club, made up of female players from across the Baie Verte Peninsula, on their championship success


May 26, 2016 ~ 1:23 minutes | He recognized the work of the 837 Northeast Air Cadet Squadron, operating out of Springdale

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