Medical Travel Financial Assistance in NL

Travelling to St. John's for Medical Care? If You Don't Know About the Medical Travel Assistance Program, You Should.

Medical Travel Financial Assistance in NL

Published on April 22, 2017
Some Program details have have changed since 2017. Be sure to read the Government’s web pages carefully. Find the links below.  

Many of us will to have to travel to St. John’s for medical reasons at some point in our lives. Serious medical conditions, and even some lesser conditions, can easily mean repeated trips within a year.

While not a perfect solution to the expense of travelling to St. John’s, the Newfoundland and Labrador Government’s Medical Transportation Assistance Program can take some of the sting off.

The Medical Transportation Assistance Program was set up to provide some financial help, in the form of reimbursements, to residents of NL who have substantial travel costs to access medical services which are not available in their immediate area.

>>>Visit the NL Gov Web Page to Learn the Full Details of the Travel Assistance Program<<<

There are basically three arms to the program:

– mileage
– expenses/accommodation
– airfare

To submit a claim, you will need proof of medical services. The clinic/doctor receptionist at the hospital in St. John’s can issue this for you at the appointment time.

If you have already had appointments/procedures but didn’t think to get the proof document at the time, there is an Eastern Health office at 760 Topsail Rd., Mount Pearl, (in the Cineplex Cinemas mini mall) that can provide you a printout of all services you had in St. John’s for the year. It can be mailed to you. There may be a very small fee.

You will need accommodation receipts. Accommodation expenses will only be reimbursed if the stay was at registered accommodations, such as a hotel. Stays at unregistered short-term rentals cannot be claimed.

If you put in a claim for airfare or accommodation/expenses, the doctor who referred you to St. John’s will need to fill a small section of the application form.

There is a $400 family deductible in a 12 month period. You pay the first $400. After that the Program may reimburse the next $100 of eligible expenses, and %50 of the rest. When expenses surpass $3000 a year, the amounts change. Be sure to refer to the Program’s web page.

Considering a hotel room can be $100+ a night, it is unfortunately easy to reach the $400 threshold in a 12 month period.

When accommodations are at a ‘registered accommodations provider’ (hotels, hostels), you can also claim a meal allowance: $29 per day per person when travel is in NL. You claim $29 per person, and you are reimbursed for %50 of that claim. You do not need restaurant receipts. You can claim for the patient, and for an escort (second person) if an escort is required.

In a 12-month period, if you travel in a private vehicle for medical treatments/appointments which cannot be had in your area, you can submit a mileage claim.

The first 1500 kms travelled in a 12 month period is a deductible, and are at your expense. Any travel after 1500 kms may be paid at 20 cents a kilometer. Considering that from South Brook to the Health Sciences Centre is 507 kms one way, most us in Green Bay would reach the 1500 kms threshold during only the second trip to St. John’s.

(Check your mileage here: Distance Calculator.)

Kilometres for immediate family, who live in the same household, can be combined and submitted by one claimant.

It appears you can submit a mileage claim separately from, or without, an expenses claim.

You may wish to check out the Medical Transportation Assistance Program for possibility of reimbursement for repeated travel to Grand Falls-Winsor or Gander. Green Bay Feed has not confirmed that this is possible, but it seems logical. The program’s web page states:

“Residents who travel in excess of 1,500 kilometres by private vehicle during a 12-month period to attend medically required specialized insured services which are not available in their home community, may be eligible for financial assistance at the prescribed rate of 20 cents per kilometre.”

It is At least Worth Checking Out.
Be Sure to Visit the NL Gov Web Page
to Learn the Full Details of the Travel Assistance Program