Love Stories on Rattling Brook’s Caribou Trail

This New Trail Has a Newer Tradition

Love Stories on Rattling Brook’s Caribou Trail


At the very end of Rattling Brook, the Caribou Trail begins. This 6km in/out trail starts as an all-terrain vehicle path that skirts large fields. The view of the bay is wide and inspiring.

caribou walking trail entrance rattling brook nl

Past those fields and a few cabins, the Caribou Walking Trail turns quietly down to the shore. There the trail flows along next to the pebbly shore until it rises higher via stairs and mossy paths. Then it finds its way back down to the shore.

Not far from the end of the Caribou Trail is Toms Brook. At Toms Brook sunlight shoots between spruce trees. Picnic tables wait for guests. Waves lap on shore nearby. A small bridge provides walkers a dry crossing.

The Caribou Trail, a project of the Rattling Brook Local Service District, was completed in 2016. This trail is a labour of love for Rattling Brook.

And now one side of the bridge at Toms Brook has been closed in, ready for love stories.

Rattling Brook’s Cindy Newhook brought the idea of adding a location for love locks to the Caribou to the LSD, and the idea was approved. The wire was donated by Sheila Toms. And Cindy, Harry Newhook, and Jack and Mavis Butt headed there on a Friday to complete the work and add their own locks to the bridge.

A ‘love lock’ is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence or other public fixture. It is meant to symbolize their ‘unbreakable’ love. Usually their names or initials are inscribed or painted on the padlock. Love locks can be found in cities around the world.

Now starry-eyed couples — and anyone who wants to pay tribute to what/who they hold dear — can walk the peaceful Caribou Trail by the bay at the end of Rattling and symbolically lock their love on the Toms Brook Bridge.

Perhaps a walk on the Caribou will become a Green Bay romantic wedding tradition. At least, it will be a superb way to burn off the wedding cake and cold plate calories.



If you carry on to the end of the Caribou Trail, you’ll find a picnic area, shelter and fire pits.

The Caribou Trail does not form a loop.

It will take a few hours round trip.

Stairs may be slippery if there are frosty conditions.

It is possible to leave the trail and walk sections of the shoreline.

Don’t miss the cute little waterfalls to the left when you first come down to the shore.

Take a windbreaker in your bag. Winds off the bay can be cold.

Tell someone where you’re going. Like many locations in Green Bay, you’ll probably not find cell service on the Caribou.

Take a lunch and a camera!