Long Island Resident Suspects BB or Pellet Damaged Her Windshield

Windshield was struck by something while she was driving within Roberts Arm

Long Island Resident Suspects BB or Pellet Damaged Her Windshield

RCMP say recently they received three complaints in central Newfoundland of damage to vehicles resulting from objects striking windows.

One of the incidents was reported by CBC NL and was widely shared on social media. Brian Hunter told CBC he believes a bullet shattered a side window while he and four friends were driving on the Trans-Canada Highway near South Brook this past weekend.

Other incidents happened in Roberts Arm and in Port Anson.

Long Island resident Lora Lee Rowsell was one of the people who called the RCMP.

In the afternoon of December 11, Lora Lee and her mother had just left the pharmacy in Roberts Arm, heading towards Pilley’s Island. Just as they were near Roberts Arm Motel they heard a loud popping sound and then realized the windshield was damaged. Ms. Rowsell said within minutes she suspected that it had been a BB or pellet shot .

She added that her mother was sitting in the passenger front seat, directly in line with the damaged area of the windshield.

Damage done to the windshield of Lora Lee’s SUV – enhanced photo. (Daniel Veilleux photos)

Lora Lee said she was driving only 20 km/h, or less, since she had just pulled out onto the road. She said there were no other vehicles driving near her.

She explained after the damage was done they decided to drive home since they did not see anyone in the area. She called the RCMP at 5:00 pm, from her home on Long Island.

She said an RCMP officer viewed the vehicle in Roberts Arm the next day.

Ms. Rowsell says she still believes a BB or pellet struck her vehicle. She said that staff at the garage in Roberts Arm, where she got a temporary windshield repair, and the RCMP officer speculated the same at the time of viewing the SUV.

Springdale RCMP, however, have since stated in a news release that the damages done in the three incidents have not been conclusively linked to gun or pellet gun fire. They added their ongoing investigation into the incidents also includes the possibility that the damage was caused by loose salt or sand/gravel.