Long Island Not Giving Up on Causeway Cause

Long Island Not Giving Up on Causeway Cause

March 15, 2018 ~ Of the major islands in Green Bay South all are connected by causeways…except for Long Island.

Long Island residents rely on a ferry, the MV Hazel McIsaac, to get them on and off the island. The ferry is shared with Little Bay Islands. The ferry trip to Long Island from Pilley’s Island is seriously short at just five minutes.

But if weather is bad, the ice thick or if the ferry has a mechanical hiccup, Long Island residents are stuck on either side of a very narrow strip of water.

So close you can almost taste it ~ The ferry at dock at Pilley’s Island, between trips. (March 2018) The Long Island dock can be seen at left

Not only does the ferry service affect the personal lives of residents, it affects tourism potential on the island and construction projects. (Try getting a huge RV or an excavator onto a small ferry.)

Some Long Island residents have clearly never given up hope that they too could have a causeway easily linking them to the rest of Newfoundland. Vocal Long Island residents have long lobbied for a causeway.

This week the Mayor and other representatives of the only community on Long Island, Lushes Bight-Beaumont, were in St. John’s for government meetings that were arranged by MHA Brian Warr.

Mayor Daniel Veilleux reported they met with the ministers for tourism and for transportation. They also had a privileged meeting with the Premier.

Veilleux also reported that a new cost assessment for a causeway to Long Island will be done.

Little Bay Islands resettlement would eliminate the LBI ferry service. Could that open a door for the financial feasibility of a causeway project for Long Island? Time will tell. One thing we can be sure of is that there are residents on Long Island who won’t give up the cause for the causeway.