Long Island NL | Ferry Info & Travel Tips

Never been to Long Island Newfoundland? Here's some practical information for a Long Island visit!

Long Island NL | Ferry Info & Travel Tips


[April 7, 2018 ~ This post may be updated in future if new information arises.] Many people don’t seem to know that the community of Lushes Bight-Beaumont on Long Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, really is a pleasant place to visit.

There is a hiking trail on the island and many pretty spots to get photos of the picturesque area. There is a museum and a tea room as well. The tea room/museum is open during the summer tourist season. Check out the Long Island Website.

The island has one little shop and a couple of Bed & Breakfasts. An RV park is to be opened in summer 2018, near Beaver Pond which is used for outdoor recreation. (Contact the Town Council at 709-264-3271 for details.)

If you see a green chair on Long Island NL, take a seat. That’s what they’re there for!
Long Island

How to Get To Long Island NL
To get to Long Island, you first go to Pilley’s Island, NL, on route 380.  Then you’ll hang a left  to head to the north of the island. From there you’ll take a very short 1 km (5-minute) ride on the ro/ro ferry the MV Hazel McIsaac.

The ferry service is shared with Little Bay Islands and the ferry ride really is good fun in the summer months.

Pilley’s Island is about a 30 minute drive from the Trans Canada Highway. The ferry dock is about 8 kms from the community of Pilley’s Island.

the long island community of lushes bight beaumont beaumont north located on map of green bay nl

Ferry Schedule
The ferry can be subject to some delays due to weather or rare mechanical issues. But delays, as you can guess, are few in the warm summer months.

Updates on whether the ferry is running on a particular day, or cancelled due to weather, can be found at: www.tw.gov.nl.ca/ferryservices/index.stm

The FERRY SCHEDULE can be found at www.tw.gov.nl.ca/ferryservices/schedules/f_lbisa.html 

Tip: Before heading to Long Island be sure to have a look at the Long Island Town Facebook pagewhere you could see any posts regarding sudden changes to the ferry schedule. The ferry is the islanders’ life line and they really do keep themselves informed of every little ferry hiccup.

The ferry, Hazel McIsaac, docked at Pilley’s Island in the summer of 2017

Lining Up for The Ferry at Pilley’s Island
Signage at the Pilley’s Island ferry dock is… uhhhh… a little lacking. Information about where to line up for the ferry to Long Island is painted on the pavement so, if a vehicle happens to parked right on the arrow, you won’t see it.

But, no worries. It’s easy. There are three lanes at the dock. Line up on the left for Little Bay Islands. Line up on the right for Long Island. Traffic coming off the ferry will come out the middle lane.

On the Long Island side, it is simpler. Line up on the right. Drive along to the kiosk, and pay out your vehicle window, when ferry staff indicate it is time to drive aboard.

Pilley’s Island dock – Lining up on the right is right for Long Island!

There has been talk from the Provincial Government about the construction of a small waiting room at the Pilley’s Island ferry dock. But, as of April 2018, there is no waiting facility at either dock. This means there are no washrooms for those waiting in their vehicles to board the ferry.

There are washrooms on the ferry, in its passenger lounge.

The ferry dock is about 8 km from the community of Pilley’s Island, which has a gas station. You’ll come upon the gas station before turning onto the road to the ferry.

Ferry MV Hazel McIsaac passenger lounge

On the Ferry
For safety reasons, ferry staff ask that all ferry passengers leave their vehicles and head up the stairs to the passenger lounge. The lounge is pretty spacious for the size of the ferry. When the weather is sunny and nice, you’ll be sure to find people outside upstairs on the narrow deck, taking in the sights or chatting.

Don’t get too caught up on the pretty scenery, though. The ferry trip to Long Island is literally about 5 minutes. You’ll hardly have time to snap a duck-face selfie before you’ll see people heading back to their vehicles.

Leaving Pilley’s Island – Better than a cruise, what?

Payment/Ferry Fees
You won’t pay for your travel on your way to Long Island. You’ll pay on the return trip, for both trips, at a little outdoor kiosk on the Long Island dock.

It is presumably cash only.

> Find the link to the current ferry fees
on the bottom of the Gov’s ferry info web page

Your cost will vary dependent on the number of people you have in your vehicle, and the size of what you are driving. As of September 2016, a car + driver is $5 one way, an adult passenger will add on $2 one way.

But check the Government’s web page to be sure of costs before you go.

There are some discounts for seniors and students.

Tip: Give yourself a little waiting time at the Long Island dock on your return. There is limited vehicle capacity on the ferry. If you’re the very last to arrive at the dock on a busy touristy summer day, you might have to wait until the next ferry trip because the ferry’s full and there’s no room for you. (That probably doesn’t happen often at all.) But while you’re there waiting you can get photos of the lighthouse near the dock, which is pretty darn cool.

A lighthouse installation at the Long Island ferry dock

Cell Phones at the Pilley’s Island Ferry Dock
Sadly, there is no cell service at the Pilley’s Island dock, because it is at the bottom of a steep hill which seems to shelter it from signals.

Be sure to check all you need to check before heading to the dock.

But there is a very good chance anyone waiting for the ferry will be happy to answer your questions. (Friendly bunch!)

You can use your cell phone on the Long Island side.


Winter Travel
If you have no friends or relatives on Long Island, or haven’t booked a B n B there, travel to the island in the winter months is probably not advisable.

If winds pick up, the ferry runs may be cancelled for the day, leaving you stranded on the island for the night. (Which would certainly lead you to make some new friends there in a hurry! 🙂 )

But in the warmer months Long Island does make for a very nice day trip. Indeed.

Long Island residents have been long lobbying for a causeway to replace the ferry service. If they succeed, Long Island would be a breeze to visit anytime of year.

Nearing the Long Island dock


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