Little Bay Still Looking for Workers for Hall Project

Little Bay Still Looking for Workers for Hall Project

Know of a handyman or handywoman? The Town of Little Bay says it still has 329 work hours available for workers, on the Town’s CEEP PROJECT.

Their project is to install an access door from the Town Office to the Community Hall and build storage.

The project started on November 20, 2017.

The Town said of the project:
– These positions pay minimum wage.
– All positions are open to both women and men.
– Workers must be currently unemployed to be eligible to work on the project (NOTE, part-time, casual, and call in applicants are not eligible)
– Workers must provide previous Record(s) of Employment
– Workers can be employed for up to 400 hours.
– Individuals who require more than 400 hours of project employment in order to obtain EI benefits are not eligible to participate.
– Individuals must qualify for EI by the end of the project

Further information regarding EI eligibility is available from Service Canada.

For more information, or to apply, please contact: [email protected] 709 267 3200 or 267 4301, OR 267 4238