Little Bay Islands Makes the Globe & Mail

Little Bay Islands Makes the Globe & Mail

September 14, 2017 ~ Of all Green Bay, no community has been covered by the media as much as Little Bay Islands has it seems. This is due, in great part, to the fact that the community is moving ever closer to resettlement — or ‘relocation’ as it is called these days.

CBC, Global News, the National Post and Al Jazeera English are just some of the media outlets that have run pieces about the little town.

Yesterday Little Bay Islands also made the national news section of the Globe and Mail. The piece, titled ‘Sunshine sketches of a vanishing town is a series of photos by photojournalist Darren Calabrese.

The photos were taken en route to Little Bay Islands and around the community. The images chosen for the article are visually and technically impressive, and very emotive. But they are somber in tone and contain a lot of bowed heads and long faces and shades of gray.

>>>Find the Globe and Mail article here <<<

*EDIT Sept. 16 – On the Globe and Mail website there is now also a companion article to the photojournalism piece mentioned above, titled: Is the sun setting on outport Newfoundland?  

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