Did You Know the library is … Lovely?

It's the chill out zone that your stressed out week needs right now

Did You Know the library is … Lovely?

Working on greenbayfeed.com means working online. And working on a smart phone. And working on a laptop. And a desktop. And an iPhone. And Twitter. And Facebook. And Reddit. And Google.

The fact is that, after all that screen time, at the end of the day I could not get down time. I felt I was always, I mean always, plugged in. Even reading meant using an app and that meant more screen time.

I realized I needed a book. Yes, a book…or magazine — a thing without a mouse or a battery.

I headed to the public library in King’s Point, Tilley Memorial Library. There I picked myself up some magazines and had a nice chat with librarian Patsy Bowers.

magazines in library
Magazines to suit a variety of tastes, no charge cords required!

Patsy explained the various programs and services available at the library and it became clear that this little place is no longer just a library. It is a valuable community centre. Five computers are there for public use. Faxing is available at $1 a sheet, and B/W printing for 15 cents a sheet. Events for children are held about twice a month. There is a reading program. There are quite a few DVDs that can be borrowed. (There are movies for children as well.)

There are also, of course, plenty of books and magazines. The magazines are varied. There is romantic fiction, some teen novels, a Newfoundland & Labrador section and a section of fiction that would appeal to Christians. And a lot more.

What kid WOULDN’T like this corner?!
Tilley Memorial Library, in King’s Point

Add in the kids corner. There you have it: a lovely little building with something for everyone.

Many of us forget to stop during our busy day. We forget to turn off. We forget to unplug. We forget how nice it is to sit and turn a page. It can be the pages of a mechanic magazine, or the pages of a recipe book. It doesn’t matter. The search results you really need might be on the shelves at your little public library.

Tilley Memorial Library is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 2:15-5pm and 7-9pm.

There are also public libraries in Harry’s Harbour, Roberts Arm and Springdale. (Greenbayfeed.com should check those locations out too.)

Our new digitally-enhanced world is impressive. The world is at our fingertips. But this. This is also very good. A magazine, borrowed from a library in KP, and a cup of tea…

If you still want to read on a device, or simply can’t get to one of our local libraries, you can borrow a book in its digital form, online through Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries: elibrary.nlpl.ca