Learning to Fight Fire, in Springdale

Firefighters gotta train, train, train...

Learning to Fight Fire, in Springdale


November 1, 2018 ~ Springdale was a busy place for firefighters on the weekend of October 26th to the 28th. A mini fire school was held in the town, providing training for firefighters from around Newfoundland.

The trainees came from near and far: Harbour Main, Steady Brook and Massey Drive, Norris Point, South Brook, Brighton, Westport, Pacquet, Baie Verte and La Scie, Long Hr., and Harry’s Hr/Jackson’s Cove.

42 trainees from 12 different fire departments participated.

The courses on offer included a three-day vehicle rescue course, a two-day defensive firefighting (basic firefighter skills) course, a two-day self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) course, and two-day basic fire inspection course.

There are members of Springdale’s volunteer fire department seasoned at teaching firefighting techniques, having conducted many training courses over the years. The instructors for the October 26-28th fire school were Deputy Chief Bond Ryan, Fire Prevention/ Inspector Everett Pitts, Captain Peter Hillier and Lieutenant Cody Reid. The courses were conducted at Indian River High, Springdale Fire Hall and at the Springdale Fire Department training ground.

Hands on at Springdale’s training ground

If any of the training in the photos above looks interesting (and you live in Springdale), Springdale Fire Rescue has openings for volunteer firefighters. Training for new recruits in Springdale is free, and so is the personal protection equipment and uniform. The Town of Springdale will provide broad insurance and firefighters are covered under Workplace NL if injured at an emergency call. The Government of Newfoundland & Labrador provides life insurance of $250,000. The Town provides an honorarium at the end of the year, plus a turkey at Christmas.

The Town will even remove the windrow from the front of your driveway during snow clearing. 🙂

And the Department stated through social media:

You get the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone who was experiencing the worst day of their life. 

If you are interested in joining the Springdale fire department, call the Town of Springdale at 673-3439, or Springdale Fire Rescue Fire Chief Normore at 673-7299.

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